Vicks vaporub is a well-known remedy for cold and cough. It is a jelly that smells and feels like mint and soothes the chest and congested nose. Well, vicks vaporub has many other uses too other than just treating cough and cold. Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about unique and unconventional ways to use this odiferous ointment. Here are some great uses for vicks vaporub that you probably didn’t know about:


Have you had a pet cat, you will be aware of the fact how these kitties love scratching anything hard that their claws can grab. To prevent your cat from grabbing and spoiling the door, carpet, window surfaces or any other materials, you can simply apply vicks vaporub to it. Cats will steer clear due to the smell. You can also apply it to the arms and legs to prevent getting scratched from your beloved pet cat.


If your cats or dogs are not potty trained, you can use vicks vaporub to prevent them from peeing on your rugs or corners of the house. They may do this to either answer the nature’s call or mark their territory. Simply open a bottle of vicks vaporub and keep nit in places where your pet is most likely to pee, this will keep them away.


Vicks Mosquito Repellent -Vicks vaporub can also be used to ward off mosquitoes. It can be used as a mosquito repellent cream as it is safe to be applied on the skin. You can also apply it on surfaces in the house like the windows and corners and behind the tables where mosquitoes are most likely to hide; this will shoo away the mosquitoes and will also prevent them from coming to your house. If you have a mosquito bite, it can also be used topically to soothe the itch.


Squeaky doors can be annoying. Not only do they damage the door edges but also make irritating sounds that can be scary too (at least I am scared of squeaky door sounds!). So, if your squeaky door is driving you crazy with the irritating squeaks, rub little vicks vaporub on the door hinge and it will stop the squeaks.


Stage actors usually require tear inducing creams or gels to artificially drop tears but they can be harmful in a long run. Using it for longer can make your head and eyes ache and can also make your vision blurry over time. Need to shed tears on cue for a photo shoot or stage performance? Just pat small quantity of vicks vaporub under your eyes. ( be careful not to get the vicks inside your eyes)


Dry air can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. To increase the humidity of your room, add some vicks vaporub in the humidifier at night. It will circulate humid cool air that will help you sleep better and also clear up congestion by morning if you have congested nose.