Pepper or ‘kali mirch’ is a well known Indian spice. It not only adds taste and flavour to your food but also has a number of health and beauty remedies! It has an active component called piperine that gives black pepper its characteristic taste. Plus, it contains iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, chromium, vitamins A and C, and other nutrients.


Here are the top remedies using Pepper:

To aid digestion:

add a tablespoon (depending on the number of servings being prepared) of freshly ground pepper powder to your meal, while cooking. It will add to the flavour of the dish and keep your stomach healthy. For indigestion, you may consume 1/4 tsp ground pepper and ground cumin mixed in buttermilk.

Loss of appetite:

Grind 5 to 6 black pepper and make a paste by mixing with natural honey. This formulation is useful as appetite stimulant.

For a clear skin:

Add coarsely ground pepper powder to your face pack and apply it over the face and keep it for 15 minutes. Now, wash your face with warm water. Do this regularly to get desired results.


Simply drink a glass of lukewarm water mixed with one-half tablespoon of black pepper powder to clear the respiratory system.


Pepper can be used to fight dandruff. Mix a teaspoonful of crushed black pepper in a cup of curd. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Leave in for about half an hour. Rinse out your hair well. Do not use shampoo at this stage. Wash your hair with shampoo the next day. Make sure you do not use too much pepper, it may cause your scalp to burn.

Stuffy or Runny Nose:

Pepper can clear up stuffy or runny nose. Try sprinkling freshly ground pepper on hot soup or prepare rasam by adding black pepperto it. This will immediately loosen up the phlegm and help you breathe easier.

Bug bite:

You can apply some pepper powder mixed with aloe vera gel on the mosquito bites/ insect bites to ease the itching and soothe the skin. DIY natural mosquito repellent spray >>


To relieve indigestion with burping and high acidity, Take a combination of black pepper, garlic cloves, clove and a pinch of rock salt with the main meal for 3-4 days regularly.

Dental Care:

Make a decoction by boiling 2-3 teaspoon full of freshly ground black pepper and a quarter teaspoon of salt with water then store decoction in a container with a closed lid. When decoction cooled, strain out the ground powder. Daily use in combination with brushing prevents dental caries, foul breath, painful gums and toothaches.


Pepper works wonders in treating acute cold in the head. Take Pepper candy for a few nights for good results. Twenty grams pepper powder boiled in milk with a pinch of turmeric powder .Take daily once for three days to cure acute cold in the head. 10 Effective Herbal Remedies To Combat Common Cold

Lip plumer:

Make a paste with olive oil and pepper and apply directly on your lips for 2-3 minutes. If you have an aversion to pepper, definitely test your paste on your skin first. Don’t let the tingle get to you, it’s only temporary!


Mix equal amount of salt with black pepper and add enough water to make a paste. Apply it on the affected tooth and let it sit for few mins before you rinse off. This is a powerful mixture and it has the ability to cure toothache very effectively.


  • Pepper contains a small amount of mildly carcinogenic compound called safrole .
  • If a person has abdominal surgery or ulcers, doctors advised that pepper be eliminated from his diet because of its irritating effect upon the intestines. They advised the patient to take a bland diet.
  • Black pepper essential oil is very strong and is a irritant in high concentration. Usually it is diluted with carrier oil. In small amount, it stimulates the heart and kidney. Over use can cause irritation and may result in kidney damage. Avoid using this oil if pregnant.

Try these simple home remedies using the wonder Indian spice- Pepper to treat various skin ailments and remain healthy!