Top natural hair products in your kitchen

Who said that you need to spend a lot of money in salons and parlor to have good hair? You just need to shop for your kitchen because there are so many ingredients in your kitchen which can give you good-looking hair. Here are few of the best hair products which area easily available in your kitchen.

Top natural hair products in your kitchenCoconut oil:

Coconut Oil can be used as leave in conditioner because it restores hair’s moisture balance and oil. It’s one of the best and most effective leave-in conditioner you can find in your kitchen. Take three tablespoon of coconut oil and put it in a spray bottle. Now fill some water in the spray bottle and shake it well. Spray it on your damp hair and taada you’re done. This leave-in conditioner will not only make your hair smooth but it will also control frizz and will make your hair more manageable.


Lemon juice is antiseptic so it treats dandruff effective and also treats itchy scalp. You can simply apply fresh lemon juice on your scalp using cotton pads and let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse off using nay mild natural shampoo. Repeat it 2 times a week and you will see reduction in dandruff within a month. It will also reduce itchiness and dry scalp.


You don’t need chemical product to lighten your hair; yes you can easily lighten your hair using natural ingredient which is easily available in your kitchen. Take 2 tbsp. of honey, 2 tbsp. of cinnamon and mix it with 1 tbsp. of olive oil. Now take half cup water and mix this mixture in water thoroughly. Allow it to sit for one hour. Now apply this mixture on damp hair and tie your hair in a bun. After one hour rinse off your hair using any mild shampoo and enjoy natural highlights. This recipe is less expensive than spending money in salons.


Egg yolk is loaded with vitamins and nutrients that not only keep you healthy but it also nourishes your hair. Egg yolk re high in sulphur content and thus it helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. Take one egg and separate egg yolk. Beat the yolk completely and then add 2 tbsp. of yoghurt and olive oil into it. After mixing it thoroughly, apply this mixture on your scalp and allow it to sit for 1 hour. Then rinse off using any shampoo. Repeat it 2-3 times a week to strengthen your scalp and to improve your hair texture.

Baking soda:

Baking soda is known as one of the best scalp cleanser. It not only removes impurities, dirt from your heir but it also removes product buildup from scalp due to chemicals. It can also be used as a dry shampoo to absorb sebum and oil. Mix equal quantity of baking soda and water, massage it on your scalp for 10 minutes and then let it stay for another 15 minutes. Follow it up with gentle shampoo. You can also mix baking soda with your shampoo for better results.

Coconut milk:

Coconut milk for hair loss or balding is a very effective and natural method. If you are suffering from hair loss then try this recipe. Take 5 tablespoon of coconut oil and mix it with 10 tbsp. of yoghurt. You can also add almond oil in this mixture and mix it really well. Now, apply this mixture on your scalp completely and massage for 15-20 minutes. Let it stay for one hour and then rinse it off using any gentle shampoo.


Mayonnaise contains eggs, vinegar and oil and that is why it is considered very effective in deep conditioning dull lifeless hair. Just take one cup of Mayonnaise with 2-3 tbsp. of olive oil. Apply it on your strands and allow it to stay for 45-50 minutes. Then rinse off with normal shampoo. It will make your hair smooth soft and manageable.

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