There are so many fat burning foods which can automatically burn body fat without working hard for it. Only you have to combine them with your daily diet. You also need not to follow a strict diet. These fat burning foods also increase your metabolism which turns food into energy and does not accumulate fats. Read on to know the top fat-burning foods:



Cinnamon is one of the most effective fat burning foods. You can easily get the weight loss benefits by adopting more cinnamon to your daily diet. You can see positive results from 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon helps to regulate the levels of blood glucose. Maintaining good levels of blood sugar also help in preventing cravings. Cinnamon has low levels of coumarin which can effectively help you in your weight loss if taken in proper quantities and if combined with little exercise! DIY cinnamon honey drink for weight loss >>


Oats fills your tummy and you won’t feel hungry soon! Go for the plain, unsweetened variety. ‘Quick-oats’ and steel-cut are great choices. Make yourself a bowl in the morning; add some chopped nuts, strawberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg and you’ve got a waistline-friendly breakfast in less than 5 minutes.


Tomato’s got a ton of good things for your body for the long term, and in the short term it works to help you lose weight and help keep it off. They’re low on the calorie meter, but they help to give you that full feeling, and contain fibre that keeps things moving.


Oranges, limes, lemons, grapefruits, kiwi fruits and tangerines are some of the best picks. The high acidity in these fruits slows down the digestion of whatever you eat them with, keeping you fuller for longer. Besides they also provide Fibre, Antioxidant’s, Natural sugar & Essential vitamins & minerals.


Sweet potatoes are bursting with flavour, so you don’t need as much of the toppings, like butter, sour cream, coleslaw or baked beans, that you might with a regular, white potato. The result? You cutback on calories without sacrificing the flavour. Plus they help you stay full, thanks to their high fibre content.


Brown rice is an example of smart fat burning foods. Brown rice contains fiber, starchy carbohydrate and nutrients, which is good for losing weight.


Lentils also help us to lose weight. Lentils contain high fibre and it will keep us feel satisfied between meals. It also helps to maintain the fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Lentils as a good source of protein or alternatively you can use them as a side dish to maintain protein diet. It also helps to process the carbohydrates more effectively.


Green tea comes on the top in the list of fat burning foods. Green tea not only helps in burning body fat, it has so many other advantages. 1 cup of green tea would not help much, but having 3-4 cups in a day can burn up to 80 calories without any exercise. DIY slimming green tea recipe >>


It is not justice if we don’t include broccoli on the list of fat burning foods. Broccoli effectively helps in cutting the extra fat in your body thereby helping you lose weight!

Incorporate these top fat-burning foods in your meals or breakfast and get ready to lose weight without hitting the gym or doing vigorous weight lifting!

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