Top 10 Weird Uses for Vodka

A bottle of vodka might be the best way to celebrate good times with friends and family. Ever wondered about its multiple uses? The smoothness and versatility of a Vodka sip cannot be ruled out but it is also terrific when it comes to playing a household remedy. Check out how.

Top 10 Weird Uses for VodkaUse 1 – Hair
To your regular shampoo, add some vodka and feel your hair get bouncy, silky and shinier as ever. That is because Vodka counteracts the effects of the hard water and prevents minerals in it from settling down on your hair scalp. It is the best way to nourish your fizzy hair.

Use 2 – Clothes
After you have washed your clothes, spray some Vodka from a spray bottle. Repeat this exercise on the laundry items too. Once the clothes dry up, you will find the smell of unwanted odours and that of Vodka vanish off in thin air.

Use 3 – Surface Cleaner
Clean your PC machine of any blemish or smears as Vodka brings a fine complexion to the computer screen. Similarly, Vodka can be used to clean sunglasses. Soak your jewellery in the Vodka solution and scrub tenderly to give a new look to your precious jewellery. Alternatively, soak razor blades in vodka solution to clean and disinfect it.

Use 4 – Herbal Tinctures
Combating cold, flu and common ailments is easy when you mix Vodka with your favourite fresh herbs in 1:2 ratio.

Use 5 – Teeth & Ear
The bacteria-killing properties of Vodka kill bacteria that cause tooth ache. Same is the remedy for fighting pain in the ears. You need to be careful while putting Vodka drops in the ear or mouth, as the case maybe.

Use 6 – Mouthwash
Gargle your mouth with some Vodka in order to fight bacterial infection that occurs in the mouthwash as a result of chewing food.

Use 7 – Foot Odour
Soak your feet in a vessel containing water and a few drops of Vodka. This will help reduce the foot odour and kill odour-causing bacteria. Ensure that your feet dry up after this suggested remedy so as to remove the smell of Vodka from your feet.    

Use 8 – Stain Remover
Take off troubling stains such as lipstick and ink from your clothes by soaking some Vodka over the stains and rubbing it. This will help remove the stains easily. You can then wash your garments for a cleaner and fresh look.

Use 9 – Curing Fever
Whenever you are down with fever, apply Vodka to the forehead. Since it evaporates quickly, it brings relief. Vodka soaked cloth can be put on the chest to get some relief too.

Use 10 – Curing Blisters
Pour Vodka over the cut skin and bruises. It acts as a local anaesthetic and relieves from pain and itching.

This is Vodka, the handy remedy for diverse ailments that we face daily.

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