Tips on How to Shave Less Often

Girls are often caught up in a beauty trap when it comes to shaving legs. The frequency of it gets on the nerves. There are alternative options available such as laser treatments but they are expensive and not pocket-friendly. Here are some cost-effective ways to going about shaving legs less frequently.

Tips on How to Shave Less Often

Exfoliate: Exfoliate if you want to get closer to having silkier skin on the legs. As a matter of fact, exfoliation brings hair out of the skin follicle which is good news for your legs. Razor reaches tiny hairs that normally get trapped under the skin which becomes a problem in taking them out. You can also try products with salicylic acid or fruit enzymes to get optimal results.

Brush your legs: So what if barbers use a typical brush on a guy’s face called badger brush. Go ahead and try this one on your feminine legs if you want the closest shave possible. Use it to rub the shaving cream on your legs.

Use the Best Razor: All women are not created equal. Same is with razors. Ladies who are prone to dry skin should pick razors that are made with moisturising strips. For best results, buy a razor that has multiple blades. The more blades it has, higher are the chances to get all the hairs trapped for shaving. Try and use a new razor every time you shave. It might sound expensive, but it will help you shave your legs less often.

Shave against the Grain: If you are keen on shaving less, try to go against the grain. If you do the opposite, you won’t be able to remove much hair.

Try Grandma’s recipes: Granny knows best about beauty tricks. If you want to reduce hair on your legs, apply a mixture of lemon, sugar and honey. Make this DIY remedy in microwave for about two to three minutes. Now go ahead and spread a thin layer of it over your legs for best results.

Soy Application: Hair regrowth is a problem that annoys us. Fight it out by shopping for a soy-based lotion. This ingredient is quite effective at stunting growth and shrinking the diameter of the hair shaft, so worth trying out.

Diet: The food we eat plays an instrumental role in warding off the hair stubble on legs. Cut out on refined carbohydrates and substitute it by upping your intake of vitamin B6. Include more meat and fish into your diet. Vegetarian eaters can go for bananas, cabbage, broccoli, watermelon, and carrots.

Try Alternative Methods: Constant shaving gets to be a big problem for skin. Explore new methods such as ‘sugaring’. Sugar is also a natural laser, which you can alternate it with your regular shave if you want to lessen hair growth. It will slow down the growth of hair strands.

Happy shaving the legs less and flaunting them more!

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