10 Tips For Your Best At-Home Manicure

Hands are the first thing people notice about you. So, it’s essential to have perfect nails and perfect manicure for a good impression. You can easily do manicure at home by following some simple steps. Today I am sharing some tips for perfect manicure at home.

10 Tips For Your Best At-Home Manicure

Whiten Nails: To whiten nails after removing dark colored nail polish, take one bowl of warn water and add baking soda in it. Dip your hands in the mixture for 5-10 minutes. Or you can take a tooth brush and put whitening toothpaste on it, brush your nails with it. This procedure will remove stains from nails easily and effectively.

Buff Your Nails: A buffer can improve the appearance of your nails instantly so it’s a good decision to invest in a four sided buffer. A buff contains buff, file, polish and shine sides which can immediately improve appearance and will make your manicure even more appealing.

Don’t shake: Shaking nail polish bottle can cause air bubbles which gives uneven application. So, it’s better to rub the bottle in between palms then shaking it.

Correct Way: The correct way to apply nail polish is by holding the brush using thumb and the middle finger. Keep the forefinger on the top of the cap, this will give you perfect grip and the application will be smoother.

Add layers: For perfect manicure and long lasting application, add layers to nail polish. First apply base coat, then apply layer of nail polish and let it dry. At the end apply top clear coat to lock the nail polish application.

Fix Mistakes: To remove nail polish mistakes, just take an old painting brush or old eyeliner brush and dip it in nail paint remover. Run this brush on both side of nails to get clean and perfect nail polish application.

Dry Faster: Some nail polish like gel nail paints and other take longer time to dry up. You can speed up the drying process using blow-dryer. Set the dryer on cool and keep it 12 inches away. Try these 6 best ways to dry your nails faster >>

Avoid heat: Nail polish take around 12 hours to fully harden so it’s better to avoid washing hands with warm water. Heat can obstruct the curing process so its better you should avoid any heat till 12 hours of manicure.

Hydrate: Always finish off your manicure by hydrating nails and cuticles. You can use a cuticle cream or else you can use any hand cream. Hydration is a must.

Protect manicure: To keep your manicure protected wear rubber gloves while doing household work like cleaning or cooking.