These days there are lots and lots of anti-ageing products in the market, which claims to reverse the anti-ageing signs on the face. If you have observed, you would surely know before your skin the under eye and surrounding eye shows the ageing signs soon. This is because of the under eye area always remains ignored and we choose to invest on skin but avoid any of the eye care products. Today, we are here to give ultimate guide to anti-ageing eye care. Follow these simple steps and reverse the signs of ageing.


  1. Concentrate on the puffy eyes

Puffy eyes are responsible for flat and saggy skin around the eye. This may be due to spending much time infront of computer or TV. You need to treat the puffy eye problems as soon as possible, because one you are habituated with puffy eye the condition become intense and you will be habituated with his problem which looks embarrassing. Treat them with ice cubes and keep massaging for few minutes.

  1. Protection from Sun

Many of the times, you apply sunscreen all over the screen but you forget the area surrounding the eye. Use a sunscreen with spf more than 20 around the area, which should be more than quantity applied to rest of the skin. It prevents to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around the area.

  1. Rub some green tea ice cubes

Did you know green tea ice cubes contains much of anti-oxidants which helps to treat the puffiness around the area.. Ice cubes made from green tea helps to rejuvenate the skin around the eye and keeps them looing youth. DIY herbal ice cubes  >>

  1. Drink water

Sagging of skin is mainly due to dehydration which results in wrinkles and fine lines around the area. Drinking water before you go to bed and simply wiping face with some cold water helps to restore the energy on skin and helps to rejuvenate the skin.

  1. Use an eye serum

Using an eye serum around the eye can help to treat the under eye area. You should use eye serum after applying sunscreen and reapply after few hours. However, it also depends upon the eye serum you are using, follow the instruction written behind it.

  1. Using natural oil

If you don’t believe and want to put trust over eye serums and cream, you can always use natural oil to treat the area around eye. Using olive oil with few drops of coconut oil added to it can be used to treat the dark circles as well as reverse the ageing signs. Coconut oil, tamanu oil, rosehip oil can be used undiluted on face. If you feel any itching over skin, don’t use it the next time. You can always try by applying the oil on a small patch.