We all want our perfume to stay all day long and we keep layering it. Layering fragrances may sound a bit complicated, but it’s easier than you think if you know how to do it. Here are tips that will teach you how to wear perfume the right way:


MOISTURIZING: Moisturizing is extremely important whether you opt for a fragrant variety of moisturizer or a fragrance-free version. The more moisturized you are, the longer the fragrance will last on your skin. Moisturizers use emollients that keep water molecules as well as fragrance molecules from evaporating.

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SPRITZ YOUR HAIR TOO: Of course you want your hair to smell good too! This is a totally absurd way of applying perfume, but trust me, this is not as absurd as you think. Fragrant hair is the best way to make your scent last all day long. You may spray a few spritz on your hair and see the scent lingering around you all day! But beware of perfumes that are high in alcohol as they might dry out your hair. there are also many hair mists available now-a-days which you may try

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NOT TO WORRY ABOUT DEODRANT: Deodorants usually never interfere with the perfume fragrance. You can continue to use your regular deodorant without any hesitation and use the perfume of your choice and yet smell great! Therefore, my advice is to keep using the deodorant that works for you and not what works for your perfume.

THE PRESSURE POINTS: The body heat generated by pulse points helps intensify fragrance and can often diffuse, magnify and amplify a scent. Make sure you spray the perfume on your pulse points like on the elbows, wrist, behind the ears, inner elbow, behind the knees etc.

THE FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Whenever you choose a particular bath and body products, make sure you choose the product with same family or make sure the scent are of similar family. Body wash, cleanser, lotion everything of different scents will cancel each other and the perfume may not last long. So choose a similar family for your body care products to make your perfume last long.

FRAGRANT SHOWEL GEL: Use shower gel as a foundation! Shower gels works better than any body cream or lotion in terms of fragrance. Shower gels have their fragrances that last a long time and blends with your perfume. Use shower gel as a base for perfume and make it last long.

Use these simple tips to make your perfume last all day! Happy spritzing J