Today, I will be reviewing another The Nature’s Co product from their Earthborne range. I have been trying some of their products recently and loving them. All their products are made with natural, skin-friendly ingredients and have an amazing fragrance. Read on to know how The Nature’s Co Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub performs.

THE NATURE'S CO HAZELNUT SUGAR BODY SCRUBProduct Claims: Quick penetrating; Natural exfoliant; Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins; It even contains tannins that have toning, astringent & healing properties.

For all Skin types. All you need to do for beautiful, smooth skin is scrub. Quick penetrating Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub contains Brown Sugar which is a natural exfoliant and Hazelnut oil that is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. It even contains tannins that have toning, astringent & healing properties.

Ingredients: Hazelnut oil, Vitamin – E, Lemon oil, Almond oil, Vegetable Glycerin.


Packaging: The scrub comes in a small white and brown tub with a screw lid. Since the scrub is of slightly runny consistency, they had bubble wrapped the tub in a plastic packaging to prevent leakage during shipping.

Texture and fragrance: It is pale yellowish in color with a very sweet caramel kind of fragrance. The texture is grainy with tiny sugar granules and the liquid tends to separate at times. Very much like a sugar scrub which we make at home. The scent is amazing with a mix of sweet, nutty caramel and your entire bathroom will be having this amazing smell after bath.

THE NATURE'S CO HAZELNUT SUGAR BODY SCRUBMy experience: I use the scrub after cleansing my body with a mild handmade soap. The sugar granules are very tiny and not sharp edged. When you open it, it just looks like a delicious dessert with a very tempting fragrance. I feel the scrub is even more milder than The Nature’s Co Cocoa Body Scrub and so even sensitive skin people can use it. It exoliates the skin well, removing all dead cells and makes the skin smooth. Since it contains moisturizing ingredients like almond oil, vitamin E, it hydrates the skin very well without making it dry. I don’t feel the need to follow up with a moisturiser.


  • Exfoliates well and removes dead cells giving smooth, soft skin.
  • Sugar granules are very tiny and not sharp edged.
  • Sweet, tempting, nutty caramel fragrance.
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
  • Contains almond oil and vitamin E to moisturize skin.
  • All vegan, cruelty-free and environment-friendly.


  • Complete ingredients list missing.
  • Pricey.

Price and quantity: Rs.1495 for 200ml.

Rating: 4.9/5

Verdict: The Nature’s Co Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub is a wonderful treat for sweet scent lovers. The granules are very mild and not abrasive, so suitable for sensitive skin also. It is a good option for those who want to try a sugar based scrub. The only big con that I find in the brand is when I spend so much for a product, I expect to be aware of the all the ingredients of what am using. But they list only the active ingredients which is disappointing. Wish they would take this into consideration.