Having home cooked food is always considered healthy over outside junk food, but you cannot really be sure of the food you cook home is healthy! It all depends on the way you cook. It is necessary to retain the nutrients of the veggies or fruits while you cook them making sure it remain intact while you consume it. Here are some healthy cooking methods for you that will retain the nutrients or make the food even healthier:


Steaming is a nutritious and a healthy way of preparing food. Since there is no direct heat, the food gets cooked retaining the nutrition. Place the food in a perforated basket and suspend it over the steaming water. You can add on the flavour of your food by placing herbs and spices on top of the food. Fishes and veggies cook perfectly by this method and retain the nutrients without adding in extra fats or other unhealthy stuff.


Grilling is a great option for cooking since it requires minimal oil. The fat already present in the food or meat flows out and makes it even healthier. The grilling process browns the outside of food sealing in rich flavours and nutrients making the food even healthier and tastier. You can grill veggies, meat, fish etc.


Poaching is a method where the food is barely covered in liquid and brought to simmer, not boiling temperature. The food is let simmer in liquid until it cooks and then the liquid is discarded or can be used in soups. The liquid can be plain water but vegetable stock, coconut water; water mixed with herbs and spices, tomato juice etc. adds in the flavour of your food and also enhances the nutrient content.


Using a microwave is an easy way to cook food that too quicker and without losing essential nutrients from them. Less temperature and no oil is required which keeps your food oil-free and abundant in nutrients that it already had.



Stir frying deals with cooking your food with minimal amount of oil, only the amount needed to coat the food. Make sure you choose healthy cooking oils like olive oil, peanut or safflower. You can also use cooking spray which delivers the amount of oil only needed to coat the pan and food. Nutrients stay intact since the food is not fried in lot of oil which increases the temperature and degrades nutrients.


You can consume certain foods uncooked like cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, beet roots, seeds, etc. since they are the best eaten that way and provides us with all the essential nutrients and minerals that they have. You can also try partial cooking wherein you can cook the food and simply add raw veggies in it in the end like onion, tomatoes, beets, carrots etc.


  • Don’t bother salting foods during steaming, as it just washes off.
  • Use extra-virgin olive oil from a spray pump to coat your food.
  • Cover food to contain the steam and moisture, which gives food its succulence. Use covered casserole dishes or cover with a flat, glass plate.
  • Don’t fill your cooker more than two-thirds full. When cooking foods that expand, such as beans or rice, fill only halfway to allow for the build-up of steam and pressure.
  • Last but not the least, Stock up on heart-healthy cookbooks and recipes for cooking ideas.