COCONUT OIL HAIR DYE for softer and bouncy hair

Coconut oil is one of the amazing ingredient which treats most of the hair and skin related issues. If you really wanna take care of your hair and prevent it from all kind of hair damage switch to coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Now you can use coconut oil for the bleaching method too.
Bleaching or dying your hair with coconut oil results in feeling super soft and much healthy look. With the consistent use of coconut oil can result in softer and bouncy hair.


To use this you will just need one main ingredient the coconut oil. Once you have grabbed your ingredient coat your hair with melted coconut oil. Make sure you complete the each stands of hair from root to tip. Do this procedure before you get into the bed as this has to stay overnight.

Once you apply the coconut oil cover it with towel or shower cap so that you wont spoil your pillow and bed due to oil. Morning  bleach your hair as you do regularly with the oil still in your hair.

The reason for why you need to leave it overnight is that the oil soaking replicates the build up of natural oils in the hair and it will protect both the scalp and the hair itself from damage caused from bleach. The other benefit of using this is it prevents the hair form burning and itching feeling. READ MORE – DIY all natural hair dye Recipe

Now try all type of bleaching with this method as your hair is safe and will not get damage caused by  bleaching. Its natural and you will be amazed with the result.

Apart from bleaching use coconut oil on a regular basis. Apply the oil on the hair and give a gentle massage and leave it for about 30 min then rinse with warm water. This will protect your hair from all type of hair damage and also boost the blood circulation.