Tame flyaway hair – Quick Fixes for Smoothing Frizzy Flyaways

Unless you have been blessed with perfect hair, you are likely have to deal with flyaways on a daily basis. While smoothing serum, leave in conditioners or hair straighteners can help reduce the flyways here are quick and easy tricks you can try.

Quick Fixes for Smoothing Frizzy Flyaways


Tame flyways with oil: To instantly tame frizzy flyways use a dime size of hair oil on to your palm and smooth it on your hair, the oil will not only battle flyaway but will also leave your locks glossy and smooth.

Smooth Hairline flyways: If you have a lot of baby hair in the front around the hair line then all you need is a tooth brush. A tooth brush always comes in handy, whether it is to tame your eyebrows or baby hair.
Spray a little hair spray on the tooth brush and brush the baby hair back or you can also dip the tooth brush in vaseline and comb your baby hair to keep them away from your face.

Body Lotion: Use a small amount of lotion on your hair and smooth it with a brush. A natural-bristle brush (not synthetic) will also help keep things under control.

Hair Spray: Spray hairspray onto your brush and then run it lightly through your hair. The hairspray will stick any flyaways down but it won’t give you a sticky finish.