Tamarindus indica commonly known as tamarind is the leguminous tree of Fabaceae family. This exotic fruit grows on exceptionally tall trees in the warmer, dryer areas of Asia, Mexico, and India. Tamarind is unarguably a palate pleasing fruit. No wonder it has carved a special place for itself in the Indian kitchens, in the form of chutneys, digestive candies, pickles, and more. However, the uses of this deep and brown coloured pulpy fruit, goes beyond just being a kitchen staple. Here are some of the top tamarind benefits and uses:


Mix 2 teaspoon of fresh tamarind extract with 1 teaspoon each of sugar and lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well. Apply on the skin and using a brush, scrub gently in circular motions. This one will lessen the visibility of cellulite.

Caution: Make sure you do it before you get your skin waxed as it could otherwise cause blisters.


Paste made from leaves of tamarind can be applied on areas of the body to reduce swelling of joints. This paste provides much-needed relief for arthritis sufferers that are not able to move their hands, legs or shoulders because of joint pain. Paste of seeds can also be used to treat boils and sprains.


Just soak 30 grams of tamarind in 150 ml hot water for 10 minutes. Extract the pulp. Mix ½ a teaspoon turmeric powder to this extract. Apply evenly on cleansed skin and leave for 15 minutes. Wash off with tepid water to reveal a fairer and more radiant skin. This pack is ideal for oily skin and can be used by 3 times a week for a glowing skin.


Apply a pack made with tamarind extract, and yogurt, on a regular basis, to prevent these damages and give your skin that radiant and youthful look.


Soak a lemon sized ball of tamarind in water for 10 minutes. Extract the liquid and massage it all over your scalp and hair. Dip a towel in warm water and squeeze out the extra water. Use this hot towel to cover your hair and scalp. Leave as such for half an hour. Rinse off thoroughly with a good shampoo.


Add sugar, a little pepper, cinnamon and cloves to tamarind pulp that has been softened in water. Drink this on a regular basis until the condition improves.


Take 1 tablespoon of tamarind extract and mix it well with rock salt and honey. Apply on the face with your finger by messaging the facial area in a circular motion. Keep the paste until dry for 5 – 7 minutes and then wash it with cold water. The tamarind paste will help to remove the dead cells and will help you to get a clear and glowy skin.


Tamarind acts as a natural treatment for various inflammatory skin problems. Just mix the tamarind extract with turmeric powder and yoghurt to make a paste. Apply to the skin and keep it for 15 mins and then wash with lukewarm water. The paste will moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated.

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