Natural Foot Scrub and soak with epsom salt

Summer is all about flip flops and sandals, so to make your feet ready for sandal season, you need to follow this simple tip.
Feet are always neglected when it comes to exfoliating, but like any other area of the body your feet also needs to be exfoliated to remove the dead and dry skin.
Natural Foot Scrub and soak with epsom saltSALT FOOT SCRUB:

  • To make your own homemade foot scrub, use epsom salt with lotion or oil to massage it into the feet.
  • Rinse off and moisturize with a foot cream, Vaseline or oil to keep them soft and smooth.


  • Deeply cleanse and nourish the skin of your feet with a warm foot soak.
  • Simply add a half cup of Epsom salt to a small tub that holds enough warm water to cover the feet up to the ankles for 30mins.
  • Epsom salt helps relieve the symptoms of Athlete‚Äôs Foot and soften skin. Click here for natural remedies to treat smelly feet >>