There are self-tanning products including tan towel, which people use instead to sun bathing. You might have come across various products for self-tanning and you must be wondering to buy this or not. Don’t you feel self-tanning is more sexy and trendy these days? I would say I love you and your streak less skin because sometimes I have them with me too. You can even see women’s with the perk of orange streaks everywhere and we love it. Here we brought you some tips to streak less tanning tips.


Exfoliation: You should exfoliate your skin few days before you apply the lotion. The skin has layers of dead and unwanted cells which should be pulled out first. Rub your skin with scrub and make sure your skin does not start flaking from the knee and elbow areas.

Moisturiser: Moisturising skin is the important thing to be followed. Moisturise your skin before you start applying the tanner. This will make sure that the tanner last over the skin and also does not come in direct contact to the skin. So, here there are fewer chances of any skin infections and reactions. If you keep your skin dry, you cannot be benefited with the results as dry skin does not sock much of DHA. Keep moisturising your skin in every alternate day.

Testing: You should always test the tanner before you wear it all. Test the tanner behind your hand a day before and let it stay for more than an hour. This will show whether your skin is comfortable with tanner or not. If you feel any irritation or redness around the tested area, remove it quickly and do not risk wearing it again. It is always advised to test on a small patch of your skin.

Use a tinted tanner: Always use a tinted self-tanner, so that even if you miss out places it won’t get highlighted. Tinted tanner helps to differentiate the left out area easily. And the biggest advantage of using a tinted tanner is it give more shine and makes your leg looks with makeup. Sexy!

Do not apply tanner in steamy bathroom.: The heat in the bathroom can make the self-tanner to melt and make you sweat more. You should avoid wearing self-tanners while in bathroom. Wait for some time till you get completely dried and then proceed wearing the tanners over your moisturiser.

Longer time: Self-tanning lotions take a longer time to dry than foam. Pay attention on the part you are working on and stop rushing with it. Work well on the first area and then proceed with the second area. The best thing to do is start applying self-tanning lotion one by one to the parts.

Half formula: Sometime your skin needs to look more natural and beautiful. Knee and elbows are the part which usually gets shows off if you have not applied the tanners properly. You can mix the tanner with moisturiser so that your flaky skin looks more natural.

We hope you found the post useful and we were able to crave you for streak less tanning. Have a happy tanning.