Hair styling patterns of girls are dime a dozen – ranging from step cut to blunt style to crop cut etc. But the latest and the trendy style is straight hair. Though there are a lot of styling tools available, exposing your hair to heat treatment from hair dryers and straightening irons can be very hazardous for your hair. Worry not as you can still straighten your hair without resorting to heat.

STRAIGHTENING HAIR WITHOUT HEATTip 1: Brush wet hair till dry
Once you have washed your hair, let them dry up on their own naturally. Until that happens, keep brushing your hair every five minutes. Hold each section of your hair for a few seconds. This will help it to straighten out. You can also do this in front of a fan but see to it that you are brushing your hair constantly. How to air dry your hair perfectly for stronger hair >>

Tip 2: Combover
When your hair is wet, don’t sit pretty waiting for them to dry up. Take a comb and divide your hair in the centre. Now take the left portion of your hair over to the right and wrap them around the back of your head. Keep them secured with bobby pins. Repeat the same exercise but pull the right section of your hair over the left side and then follow the same technique of wrapping and pinning. Once they have air dried completely, wrap your hair in a silk scarf and sleep on it. This will help reduce the frizz

Tip 3: Hair Rolling
Get large sized hair rollers to roll sections of wet hair and secure them tightly against your head. Make sure they dry out completely as the slightest of moisture can bring back the curl or wave which is uncalled for.

Tip 4: Overnight Hair
Put your wet hair into low ponytails. Fasten them up with an elastic hair band, then keep adding more elastics every inch down the ponytail to hold them together. Make sure the elastics are loose enough so that they don’t leave a noticeable mark on your hair. Go off to sleep and open your hair next morning. Try these best overnight hair natural treatments >>

Tip 5: Twist Hair into Bun
Tie up your damp hair into a ponytail and twist them like a rope. Now turn them into a bun and secure them with an elastic band. Let the air do its job in drying up hair. Follow it up by brushing.

Tip 6: Make natural straightening mask
Milk and honey mask would be useful. Mix 1 cup of whole milk or coconut milk with 1 tbsp of honey and allow it to soak into your hair. Leave it on the scalp for one hour, then wash and brush them dry.

Isn’t it a great way to straighten up your hair without application of heat in any form? Try it out and feel the difference.