Bangs add an angle to your face and make you look good; having known they are straight! Bangs tend to curl in a particular angle depending on the hair type and texture. I always face this problem with my bangs even though I have straight hair! So what do I do? I set them or straighten them using the following simple tricks; and no! I do not use straightener. Have a look at some ways to straighten your bangs without a straightener:


For this you need towel dried hair; meaning you need not have water dripping situation. Comb through your hair to style it the way you normally would wear it. Allow it to air dry, but every few minutes comb through your bangs. Slide your fingers down the sections of hair, from the roots to the tip. This will help your bangs set straight. Continue to comb and straighten your hair with your fingers until your bangs are dry.


If you have rollers at home, you can have beautifully straightened bangs with a cute internal curl. All you need to do is warm up the roller for sometime. Put the roller only on the bangs. Roll them downwards so that you get even straightened bangs that fall on your forehead and not away from it. Let the roller be there for 1-2 hours and remove it. if you don’t want to warm up the roller, you may do simply put the roller on towel dried hair and remove it after 3 hours.


Blot your freshly washed hair with towel and moisturize slightly damp bangs with hair serum. Squirt the serum in the palm of your hand and rub it into the bangs. Comb the bangs down and off to one side, if you desire a side part. Slide on a hair clip or pin in place to secure the bangs. The fringe should be flat against the head. Place a scarf over your head to cover your bangs and smooth them down. Secure the scarf ends under your hair. You may go to sleep this way and have beautifully straightened bangs in the morning.


This technique is often used by me as it is quick, simple and makes bangs naturally straight. All you have to do is spray little water on your bangs and roll them on the round brush down ways from the front. Blow dry using medium setting (not the hot setting) downwards in the direction of the hair. Remove the brush, comb the bangs and repeat the step until you have proper dried and straight bangs. You are done!

Warning: For smooth, sleek bangs, hold your blow dryer straight down and very close to your hair. Blowing up or out through your hair produces and promotes frizzy, damaged-looking locks.


While your hair is still wet/towel dried, section off your bangs, and apply gel to them, gently pulling your hair away from your head so that your bangs do not get a chance to become wavy or curled. As your hair begins to dry, continuously pull your bangs gently, so that the hair begins to dry in that position. You may also blow dry hair using gel.


This is a well known trick and I am sure every reader must have used this trick atleast once! Simply towel dry your hair and pin the bangs on the sides and let them dry that way. Works! Make sure you have pulled your hair tight before pinning or this won’t work.