Keep Armpits Dry – Ways to Stop Sweat and odor

If you live in a hot country then you may suffer from excess underarm sweating and odor. So here are some of the simple tips and home remedies to control sweating.

Keep Armpits Dry - Ways to Stop Sweat and odorSIMPLE TIPS

Powder: To absorb extra sweat, you can put some baby powder or talcum powder on your armpits. Be sure to apply first the deodorant before the baby powder. This will absorb the sweat before it soaks your clothes.

Sanitizer: For a quick fix, try using facial wipes, sanitizing wipes or sanitizer, it will also remove odor causing bacteria and refresh the armpits.

Sweat pads: Stay fresh, dry and clean with these self-adhesive, disposable shields to protect the fabric from staining and keep odor off the clothing.

Antiperspirant: Dry your armpits well after taking a shower then apply deodorant. Choose a good antiperspirant deodorant.  Antiperspirant help reduce the volume of sweating under your arms and deodorant hide underarm odor.

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ACV: If you have made the apple cider toner mentioned earlier to clear oil and acne from the skin then you can also use it to treat under sweating and odor. Simply apply the ACV toner to the underarm and leave it on for 30mins or overnight. Rinse off with soap and water.

Cornstarch: Mix one part baking soda with one part cornstarch. That’s all you really need. Just apply by patting it under your armpits for a natural deodorant.

Lemon juice: Cut a lemon in half and use it under the arms, leave it on for 15-20mins and rinse off.

Baking soda: Baking soda works by soaking up the excess sweat in your armpits. It will absorb the sweat keeping your armpits fresh. Apply it to your underarms. It will work best when applied to clean, shaved, dry armpits.You can also try this natural underarm scrub to whiten the armpit area.