Steam Facial at Home

Summer heat, sweat, makeup, pollution … all of this can cause your skin to break out, get dark blemishes and make your skin looking dull.

To clear your skin from oils and dirt you need to steam your face and you won’t need to go to the beauty parlour or a spa to do so, you can steam your face at home with simple tips:

Step 1: Wash your face to remove any dirt or makeup.

Step 2: Take a small bowl of hot water and place it on a flat surface, tie your hair back and place your face over it ( not too close, few inches away from the bowl) for about 5-10 mins, take a towel and cover your head as well as the bowl to help trap the steam. The steam from the water opens the pores and cleanses it.

Step 3: Follow by a light scrub and moisturizer.

You can also try wash cloth steam method that is simple and easy.

Benefits of steaming your face:
* It deep cleans the skin and helps in adding moisture to the skin.
* Clears impurities and oils from the pores.
* Face steaming helps you get a clear skin.
* Increases blood circulation giving a healthy glow.

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