Wakeup to Soft and smooth feet

If your feet are not sandal ready for all the beautiful sandals out there then here are ways to get your heals baby soft and smooth overnight.

Wakeup to Soft and smooth feetMoisturize:

Take a tbsp of honey in a bowl and add a tbsp of lemon juice to it. This mixture helps to remove dead skin cells from feet and provide lots of moisture. Follow this remedy twice a week for getting beautiful feet. One can also add honey to milk and keep feet in it for 10 minutes daily for getting rid of dry and crack feet.

Wakeup to Soft and smooth feet


Regular exfoliation and moisturizing is an important for soft feet. You can exfoliate feet by using a scrub or pumice stone to file off dead skin. Keep a pumice stone or foot file in your shower so that every day you can tackle rough spots and cracked heels. This daily maintenance will prevent your feet from stepping into the scary sole zone.  you can also use natural sugar scrubs made at home to treat dry feet, the granulated sugar will help to remove calluses from your feet and the baby oil will penetrate deeply into your skin and keep your feet moisturized.

  • Cut a lemon in half and rub it on your feet
  • Squeeze the juice and continue rubbing it into your feet for about 5 mins.
  • Use a pumice stone or foot scrub to gently get rid of any rough skin while in shower.
  • Rinse feet with cold water, pat dry and apply a moisturizer or foot cream

The acidity in lemon will not only soften and smooth your feet but also lighten any discolored skin as well as whiten yellow nails that has been stained by polish.

Foot soak:

To soften the skin try apple cider vinegar foot soak that will also treat toenail fungus, dry feet, tired feet, smelly feet etc.


Wake up to soft feet with this simple tip. Massage your feet with lotion, petroleum jelly or warm olive oil on feet and then cover it by socks and then go to bed. Daily massage olive oil or coconut oil to feet. These oils contain vitamin E and other helpful natural extracts that makes skin soft. The dry and cracked feet will heal overtime making your feet baby soft.

As your continue the process, you will notice your feet to look a lot more smoother and healthier.

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