SMOOTHER SHAVE – Shaving Tips for Women

SMOOTHER SHAVE - Shaving Tips for WomenShaving is an alternative idea of waxing. Many of the girls get nightmare regarding the pain a waxing can give, so they opt for a simple shaving process to remove the hair from legs and hands. Shaving requires a great skill to do it properly, even the direction of the razor should be considered to be benefited with the best results.

Due to various hormonal problems or the growing age, it simply means we need to break down the shaving kit as soon as possible. This is in our case and we hope you agree with us too.

So, here we brought some guiding tips regarding shaving your body parts.

  1. Find the best razor for you

Yes, indeed they are best razor available in the market which should be choosing according to the skin type. They should be gentle over skin and if you feel the blades are irritating your skin, you may trash them. Also remember to change the blades of the razor after 4-5 continuous shaving process. Using the old used razor again and again may not remove the tiny hair and also there are chances of some injections over skin.

  1. The lather

So, what to do you use as the shaving cream over legs? Is it honey, shaving cream or any such more alternatives? The best thing you can use like a shaving cream is the soap or shampoo lather. Initially apply a little amount of shampoo over legs and lather them properly using some water. Now, you can easily use the razor over skin which will help to remove the hair easily and also make the razor glide gently.

  1. Use warm water

It is advised always to use the warm water over skin so that the skin becomes ready for shaving. If you use cold water, there are chances of goose bumps over skin which will make the process complicated and also there are chances of cuts over skin. You should always exfoliate the skin well using warm water.

  1. Strokes

You may think often, a single stroke can actually help to remove the hair properly and sooner too. But this rapid process harms you’re as well as the blade too. It is advised to remove the hair in smaller strokes so that the hair is remove properly and also the blade is not ruined. It remains sharp for the second stroke too. Always try to shave in smaller parts.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizer is the key to shaving. You need to moisturize the hands and legs too. Usually after shaving the legs become dry enough which may give rise to itching too. Moisturize them completely and also use some SPF over them. Freshly waxed skin can be easily affected by the sun, so you need to apply a SPF over the bare skin.

These were some important things you should never forget while shaving and we are sure following them will lead you to an ensured results. Have a happy shaving.