Split ends hamper with the beauty of your hair. Extreme exposure to harsh weather and chemicals as well as the sun strip the moisture content from the hair, leaving it frizzy, harsh, and prone to split ends. The condition worsens when the hair is subjected to excess shampooing, conditioning, and use of styling products. Here are a handful of simple and effective tips and tricks you can try to avoid and ease split ends.


Do not wash your hair daily! Wash your hair on alternate days giving it ample time to repair by generating natural oils. These oils are essential to keeping your hair silky, smooth, and radiant. Washing daily could actually eliminate these oils, increasing the chances of split ends.

Never use hot water! Using hot water to wash your hair could also result in the erosion of the natural oils, leaving the hair deprived of adequate moisture. Choose water that has a temperature slightly higher than your body temperature.

Brush wisely! Never brush your hair when wet. It is also advisable not to brush the hair from the roots to the ends. Start by brushing the middles sections and then work through the ends. Once you are done here, you can do the roots. Use a brush that as flexible and soft bristles. Keep your brushing pace slightly slow so as to detangle the knots, if any, without any breakage.

Never shampoo the hair! Shampooing the scalp and not the hair might not sound like a good idea. But reputed hair stylists across the world suggest you to put an end to shampooing the hair. If you clump your hair on top of the scalp and start scrubbing, you will be inviting undesirable damages, including split ends. Generously lather your scalp, allowing the hair just to experience the shampoo as you rinse off.

Condition the ends of your hair deeply! Deep condition the ends always. Apply a generous amount of the conditioner to your hair and its ends and wait for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing the conditioner completely away. Home remedies to treat dry, split ends >>

Always dry your hair naturally! Allow your hair to air dry or choose a soft, thick towel to dry your hair. If you are using a towel, then you can wrap it from the roots to the ends, swirling and squeezing gently to eliminate excess water.

Detangle with care! While it is not advisable to comb your hair while wet, you can use a wide toothed comb that has been exclusively designed to detangle the hair.

Avoid using hair styling products! Restrict the use of styling products such as curlers and blow dryers as much as possible to avoid exposing the hair to high heat. If you really want to use a styling product, then never use them on damp hair.

Trim regularly! Trim your hair once in 6 to 8 weeks to avoid frizzed, rough split ends. Try these simple tips and tricks and your hair will be safe from split ends.