Secrets to Glowing Skin

Exposure to dirt, pollution, toxins, sunlight and stress can affect the skin making it dull and lifeless. For a great skin, regular skin care is essential.

r147Natural skin care routine will help improve the complexion and texture of your skin, remove dead skin and clear blemishes.

Natural Cleanser
Use milk to cleanse the skin or make a face wash using lemon juice and honey for a glowing clear skin. Lemon along with honey will deep clean the skin and gently exfoliate for a soft skin.

Natural Toner
Toning stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface and adds a glow. Use rose water as a natural toner for dry skin. For oily skin add witch hazel to rose water.

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Natural scrub
Use a face as well as body scrub twice a week for super soft skin. Make a natural scrub. rub gently, with small circular movements, washing off with water. Use natural scrubs like
* Oatmeal mixed with milk for sensitive skin
* Coffee with honey for oily skin and
* Granulated sugar with olive oil for dry skin.

Natural Pack
A face pack once a week will help deep clean the pores from dirt and makeup getting get rid of clogged pores. Simply mash a papaya and use it on your face for a simple facial at home or use ground oatmeal with honey to brighten skin.

Natural Moisturizer
Add a drop of olive oil and apply gentle pressure and massage it into the skin, use outward and upward movements on the cheeks, ending each stroke at the temples. On the forehead, start from the center and go outwards on each side, again ending at the temples. For the chin, use circular movements. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the face oil.

QUICK TIP: Massaging your skin everyday for 5 mins helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful skin.


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