What are we talking about? A perfect Hair blow? Yes, you read it right we are talking on how to achieve perfect blowout for few day. It is a factor which truly boost out the hair with lustrous shine and pumps up the volume. Hair with good blowout is a beautiful sight to be seen but perhaps this sight will not last more than few hours or maximum a day. Blowout has a short life expectancy, and hence we ladies rush to the beauty salons just an hour ago so that you can flaunt your hair in the party. You are paying for your haircut and blowout so can also put in some efforts to take the maximum out of the blowout and get the best of it. So let’s dig into more about the blowout procedure and know the various methods that will help you to maintain it more than a day.

SECRET FOR A LONG LASTING PERFECT SALOON BLOWOUTNight hair care: This is the time when your hair needs at most care and love from you. If you just sleep in the way you usually happen to hit the bed, you may make your hair look messy. Messy look is good but won’t be adorable when you want your hair blow to stay. Do not use the plastic or harsh rubber bands to tie a high bun, instead take a ribbon and tie it quite loose. You may open it in the morning or before stepping out of home.

Treat sticky scalp: Summer is here and you may often experience sticky scalps inspite of washing hair on regular basis and maintaining them well. You want to reach the party in next few minutes and see the scalp sticky, and you hit panic alarm! What next? Should I wash the hair again? No, this is time-consuming and hence don’t think about it more, you can dab some baby powder over comb and run them over your hair. This is help to control the oily and sticky condition with scalp.

Cleaning hair: The perfect way to get a good and long lasting blowout is you should keep your scalp clean actually very clean. How to maintain them clean all the time? It needs 2 shampoo washes complimented with a good hair conditioner. If you are very sure you have cleaned your scalp thoroughly you can proceed with hair blow.

Right way to comb:  The right way to comb is to comb in parts. Take few strands of hair and comb them separately after which you can precede with the remaining hair strands. Do not comb the hair together in bunches, besides hair fall there are maximum chances of hair to give a messy look.

Prep with styling products: Use a heat-protecting spray and also work a volumizing mousse or hair thickening spray through slightly dry hair.

Turn head upside down and blow dry hair:  This gives roots even more lift. Don’t use a brush just yet – comb through hair with your fingers. With your head flipped over, massage your roots while blasting them with warm air.

Finish with a sheer-hold hairspray:  As a finishing touch, run your fingers through your hair and use a hair spray or smoothing cream on the ends if they’re a little fuzzy.