It may be yucky, slimy to look and lacking on the glamour front but it is a powerful catalyst for skin renewal, something that doesn’t come straight from Grandma’s kitchen.

The very thought of a Seaweed in cosmetics brings a weird feeling – as if one is moving in a sea body where the algae of the weeds are coming in the way, either hurting us or disturbing our free movement. Ask the Japanese and their love for Seaweeds would explain the benefits of this plant in skin care, treatment of dermatitis, arthritis and joint pain, body detox and slimming.

SEAWEED: THE SUPERFOOD FOR ANTI-AGEINGStudy the weed and you will find it a complete baggage of minerals and Vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, D, E,F and K, Seaweeds. This explains why valuable antioxidants in it make Seaweeds a promising star in fighting ageing and damaging free radicals. They are also in demand as a diet supplement.

Founder-creator of Crème de la Mer ultra rich moisturiser, Dr Max Huber chose nothing but sea kelp as one of the key ingredients for his brand’s range. As facialist Caroline Hitchcock quotes “Brown algae complex is used in facial serums, eye creams, night creams and is a very potent, concentrated antioxidant. It is definitely an ingredient that I would look for when purchasing an anti-ageing product.”

Seaweed as Natural Skin Therapy
Asian and European countries have taken to Seaweed for Skin Polishing. While Soaps enriched with Kelp and Seaweed plays their role to perfection in exfoliating and nourishing the skin, the Seaweed Gel is an effective moisturiser for dry and oily skin. Combined with Aloe Vera Gel, the Seaweed Gel help say goodbye to wrinkles around the sensitive eye area.

Algae in the form of Sea Lettuce, Kelp and the famous Irish Moss are substance for a wide range of cosmetic items such as Moisturisers, Oils and Lotions, Scrubs, Soaps and Shampoos, Lip Balms, Hair Conditioners, Foundations and Cleansers. Here is what they do when applied on face and hair:

a/ Fight Acne: Saying goodbye to acne explosions gets easy when you use Seaweed creams. Known for their anti-inflammatory effect, they work well as a natural exfoliant removing dead skin cells that can otherwise block pores.

b/ Boost Thyroid: Salt in our kitchens has a tough competition with Seaweed that has high amount of Iodine. The marine find boosts thyroid functions and also helps rejuvenate the skin.

c/ Strengthen Scalp: If you thought Sushi was reserved only for eating, think again. Arame, the black brown seaweed in it nourishes the scalp down to the hair follicles. This strengthens the hair making them healthy and robust.

d/ Reduce Facial Inflammation: Ever heard of Rosacea, an ailment that causes inflammation of the face. Seaweed being rich in vitamins works as an anti-inflammatory reducing the blood pooling under the skin. This is where topical lotions and creams containing seaweed extracts work their magic by nourishing the skin from outside.

So go ahead and harness the power of Mother Ocean by slapping some seaweed on your face. It will make your skin feel super hydrated, fresh and lovely to touch.