Use rose water hair spray for shiny hair

Use rose water hair rinse for shiny hair

Rose water has been used in skin hair care routine for many years. It is said to stabilize the hair’s pH balance and can aid in repairing damaged hair. It has natural antiseptic and anti bacterial properties that can help reduce dandruff and itchy scalp. The use of rose water helps to get a natural growth and healthier hair strands.

Use rose water hair rinse for shiny hair

Benefits of rose water in hair care – 

  • boost blood circulation in the scalp
  • anti-bacterial, antifungal
  • treat sun damaged hair
  • excellent hair conditioner
  • cure itchy scalp
  • hair growth

Rose Water Recipe – 

Choose roses that are free from pesticides and chemicals. Make sure the roses are organically grown. READ MORE – How to make rose water at home

How to use –

After shampoo, rinse your hair with one cup of rose water as a final rinse. Take one cup of rose water and use as a final rinse and do not rinse out.  This will add shine and acts as a condition and pleasant smell of your hair.

It will condition, add shine, and leave an amazing scent on your hair.  Spray some rosewater to your washed and semi-dried hairs. Comb the hairs through to spread the rosewater to all the hair strands evenly. Let it dry out naturally and you will get naturally soft and silky hairs.