Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation

Constipation problem is one among such problems, who everyone runs but you have to accept the fact about it every day in the morning. Now, if you are suffering from constipation you don’t need to be embarrassed about it but you can openly speak it to your family doctor.

Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation

But before running to drugstore and buying bulks of tonic and medicines, try few simple and homemade remedies which can help to treat constipation at home. Here we got few easy and simple steps constipation remedies.

Olive and lemon

Need not to mention, olive oil is one among such oil that can help to fix anything right from cleaning process upto any health issues. You don’t need to eat all of the oil early in the morning, but just a spoon of olive oil would help to treat the problem. Gulp it in empty stomach and add some drops of lemon to add flavor.

Eat fruits

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. In this case, I would say it would keep constipation away. You need to need to eat an apple or banana early in the morning, following an alternative method of eating these fruits. You can even make up juice and drink it.


Yoghurt is considered to your best friend, when you are under medical observation or ill. This is because sometimes bacteria’s are good for the body, which helps to prevent condition like constipation. It helps to break down the processed food stuff which leads to a easy movement of food inside the body.

Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation


The benefits of honey go beyond skin deep. It is a mild laxative that enables it to be an effluent solution for constipation. You can either take thrice a day, 2 teaspoons at a time, to ensure proper stool passage. Alternatively, sweeten up your lemon water with one tablespoon honey and enjoy it on empty stomach for relief from constipation.



Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera juice is high in anti oxidants which help to soothe the digestive system. Taking in one spoon of concentrated aloe Vera gel or sipping in aloe Vera juice early in the morning can help to relieve from constipation. You can also add 2 spoon of aloe Vera gel to any of the fruit juice and drink it.

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