Reasons to include eggs in your diet

Eggs are considered to be the most nutritious food though they are calorie oriented. They are rich in vitamins, proteins, good fats, and many other nutrients. Minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese and so on are part of eggs. The white only contains proteins and the other nutritions are found in the egg yolk. The following are some of the reasons for eggs to be added in your diet:

Reasons to include eggs in your dietFacilitates Weight loss: I agree eggs are calorie centric, yet it is proved that an egg consumed during breakfast will keep you full for a longer period, thereby avoiding the extra munching. Have an egg breakfast to stay full and lose weight gradually.

Bid farewell to Bad Cholesterol: Eggs contain a digestable protein which helps in digestion process. Earlier, people avoided eggs as it had too much of calories. But, research had proved that egg and egg yolks do not have any negative impact on the body.

Healthy Brain: Choline is present in egg which is highly nutritious for brain cells. It helps in the development of foetus’ brain during pregnancy, thereby making it a must for the pregnant ladies. It improves memory power.

Improves vision: Eggs are equally good for eyes.  Lutein and zeaxanthine  are the two antioxidants present in eggs which protects the eye from harmful UV rays and other eye related issues. It reduces the chances of cataract and lens degeneration. Carrot and spinach are other foods which are good for eyes.

Healthy Bones: Vitamin D is required to absorb the calcium, which is vital for healthy bones. One of the greatest sources of Vitamin D is sunlight. The place where there is no presence of sun, consumption of eggs is the only remedy. The bone related disease such as Osteoporosis can be prevented.

Healthy Hair: Hair damage is the common problem among the youth. Hair fall, dry hair, itchy scalp are all hair related problems which causes stress. Eggs contain amino acids along with various minerals and vitamins which are necessary for healthy hair and healthy body.

Boosts immune system: Did you know that Vitamin D helps in strengthening your immune system? Yes, it does and eggs are full of Vitamin D. Are you the one who falls sick often and is prone to allergies? If yes, probably you have a weak immune system. A strong immune system fights with germs and bacteria to prevent their side effects on the body. Eggs are also the source of Vitamin A, which is equally helpful in building a strong immune system.

Less Chances of contacting Tumors: Cancer is the most dreadful disease. Selenium, which is present in eggs, helps in cancer prevention. It is more advisable to men, as regular consumption of eggs can prevent prostate cancer.

Diabetics’ Food: Diabetics are advised to avoid intake of extra sugar as it might be harmful to their sugar levels. However, they can definitely consume an egg everyday to reap the benefits and provide the body with necessary nutrition. They can maintain their blood sugar level.

Promotes Cardiac Health: Regular consumption of egg will prevent blood clots, strokes, heart attacks and other heart related issues. A healthy heart leads to a healthy body. The choilne present in the egg makes it possible.

Deals with Breast Cancer: Research has proved that women who consumed an egg per day were less risky to breast cancer by 44%. Breast cancer which is rapidly rising must be taken care.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Kindly be careful while choosing the eggs as the nutritional value differs. Do share your feedback with us.

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