Quick solutions for common hair problems

Whether you are dealing with frizzy, oily or dull hair, we have some quick fixes to restore your locks in no time. Most of these fixes are only temporary, but they’re quick and perfect when you have very little time to fix them.

QUICK FIXES1. Greasy Roots: Dry shampoo are an easy way to fix oily hair on-the-go. One of the best dry shampoos is basic baby powder. Just sprinkle a light dusting of powder near the roots. Comb it through, and then shake out the excess powder. Comb through again until the powder is invisible.

2. Fight Frizz: Tuck a few dryer sheets into your handbag or keep some in your desk at work. Run the sheet over your hair from the roots to the tips. This will calm the frizz in an instant Or rub a little conditioner or lotion into the palms of your hands and using your fingers, run the it through dry hair. The conditioner will tame the frizz in your hair.

3. Dull Dry: Add a drop of vitamin e oil to your palm and smooth it on your hair to add shine and softness. Rub a drop of oil between your hands and work it through the strands.

4. Baby Hair: Use a tooth brush to comb those little baby hairs around your face, dip the tooth bush in some vaseline and brush it through to keep them in place. mist it with a light-hold hair-spray, and then brush your hair into place.

5. Flyaway:  The quick-fix for static flyways is to simply spray your hairbrush with hairspray and run the brush through your hair, or lightly mist the hair with spray and use your fingers to brush the hair down.

6. Flat volume less : Back combing at the roots is the easiest solution for flat hair. Tease the hair at your crown by taking small sections and teasing the roots only.  Sooth out the teased section, add a little hairspray to the base of the hair if needed and style using your fingers.

7. Dry ends: Hair oils are perfect for replenishing dry ends. Apply a small amount to dry, split ends just to the ends of the hair to disguise dry ends.

QUICK TIPS: Never apply conditioner to the roots, always use a heat protector, and dry your hair with a soft cloth or tshirt.

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