3 – Homemade Protein Hair Mask

3 - Homemade Protein Hair MaskProtein is very important to make your hair longer, stronger and healthier. It nourishes the hair roots for faster hair growth. So feed your hair with these protein hair treatments that are natural and with the ingredients found in our kitchen.



Egg Hair Protein Mask: 

Eggs are well known for their very rich source of protein. The yolk is rich in fats and proteins which is extremely moisturizing. They are good for strengthening the roots and promoting growth.

  1. Best one or two eggs, depending on the length and volume of your hair.
  2. Add a squeeze of a lemon to the mixture for a refreshing feel and reduce the smell of egg.
  3. Massage well into scalp, working from the roots to the hair ends.
  4. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes and cover with a plastic shower cap.
  5. Using lukewarm or cold water, rinse very well and effectively.
  6. Use a mild shampoo to make a final cleanse of your hair.

Coconut Milk Hair Protein Mask: Coconut milk is rich in protein, very high in fats, making it great for moisturizing and strengthening.

  1. Apply coconut milk all over the scalp and hair and massage it in for few mins.
  2. Leave it on for 15 mins and cover the hair with a hot towel.
  3. Shampoo as usual.

You can add natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil to the above hair mask or essential oil for a moisturizing protein rich hair mask.

Yogurt Hair Protein Mask: Yogurt provides proteins and nutrients that are required to your hair that will encourage hair growth and reverse any damage.

  1. Mix natural yogurt in a bowl.
  2. Apply the mixture to the scalp, working from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  3. Let it sit for at least 15- 20 minutes before rinsing.
  4. Wash with an  shampoo and condition.