Pomegranate seed oil is something we rarely use and is not as popular as other essential oils. Pomegranate seed oil is made by cold pressing pomegranate seeds. The oil is light amber in colour and has a fruity fragrance. It has a number of health and beauty benefits which can be acquired by either consuming the oil or by applying it externally. Here is how you can use this fragrant oil for skin and hair:



Pomegranate seed oil is rich in anti-oxidants that help in keeping your skin healthy. Due to high in anti-oxidants, this oil is anti-aging and prevents wrinkles and sagging skin. It fights free radicals that are responsible for aging.

To use: Use the oil as a night treatment or as a night serum to slow down aging.


Pomegranate seed oil is rich in punicic acid. This particular compound moisturizes your skin and keeps it firm and soft. It also helps combat dryness and dry patches on the face which usually appear during winters.

To use: The oil can be used as facial oil throughout the day as well as during the night if you have very dry patches. Also, use it as a makeup base in less quantity. You can also mix small amounts of this oil in your regular moisturizer or lotion.


Pomegranate oil can be used to treat skin infections like psoriasis and eczema. Since it a great moisturizer, it can effectively help with these conditions causing dry flaky skin. This oil is anti-microbial too so it can inhibit bacterial growth too.

To use: Apply the oil topically on the affected area several times a day. You may also soak a bandage or a sanitized cloth with the oil and keep it on the affected area.


Pomegranate seed oil can also be used to clear up acne. It unclogs your pores, cleansing it inside out which also eradicates bacterial biofilms. This way, you can control acne and tighten pores to acquire clear looking skin.

To use: To use this oil for acne, Use it to massage your face in the morning and also to use it as a night treatment. You can take this oil internally too as it provides a good amount of vitamin C and controls sebum.

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Pomegranate seed oil helps fight dandruff by inhibiting dandruff causing fungus on the scalp. It can also relieve itching and scalp inflammation.

To use: To use pomegranate oil for dandruff, simply mix it in your shampoo and work it on your scalp and hair. You can also use it as a hot oil treatment; mix this oil with coconut oil 1:4, warm it and apply it on your scalp and hair. Wash off using regular shampoo after 2-3 hours.


Pomegranate oil keeps your tresses healthy and shiny. It coats your hair and reflects light which makes your hair appear shiny.

To use: This oil works best as a hair serum. Apply few drops on towel-dried hair and see how shiny your hair looks after air-drying. You can also use it as a hot oil treatment as mentioned above to make your hair shiny and silky.


Pomegranate seed oil is said to facilitate hair growth. The punicic acid strengthens your hair follicles and it also facilitates hair growth.

To use: To use this oil for hair growth, apply it on your scalp and massage using fingertips or a massager. Do this regularly to improve blood circulation and catalyse hair growth.


Pomegranate seed oil hydrates your hair and also moisturizes it which closes all the hair shafts and keeps splits at bay. It can also reduce the already existing splits if used regularly.

To use: To use this oil for splits, apply it onto the ends of your towel dried hair. You can also apply it on the hair ends before sleeping liberally and tie the hair up. Wash off in the morning.