Patanjali products are really value for money. They are so affordable yet effective enough without any harmful chemicals. Shikakai is also known for its amazing benefits for hairs. So I bought this hair cleanser along with the olive-almond hair conditioner. I have used their products earlier. Some stood really good but some failed for me. So today I am reviewing the shikakai hair cleanser for you all.

Claims– reduces hair fall, greying hair & itchy scalp


Packaging– The packaging is simple yet sturdy. Though the quality of the cap would have been better. It comes in a white colored bottle with a wine burgundy colored flip open cap. Till now I haven’t noticed product leakage so you can carry this in your bags.

Color, smell & texture– The color of the hair cleanser is like honey and the texture is also somehow like honey. It has a little thick gel like texture which gets diluted with water easily. It has strong herbal smell but I can’t explain the exact smell. The smell is not very pleasant but not overpowering either.

Performance– it lathers very well and removes oil and dirt from hair effectively. It is a herbal product but contains surfactant base. I don’t have itchy scalp so I can’t say about that part and I don’t have greying hair too. But it doesn’t control my frizzes. It contains dimethicone as an ingredient though they claim it to be an herbal product. It doesn’t over dry my hair but I need to follow up with a conditioner after every wash. It keeps the hair oil free for 2-3 days.


  • Contains shikakai, vitamin E etc.
  • Cleanses he scalp and hair effectively
  • Removes oils from hair
  • Doesn’t dry out the hair
  • Lathers well
  • Lasts long time


  • Doesn’t control frizzes
  • Contains dimethicone
  • Conditioner is must after suing this
  • It would not suit very dry hairs

RBS Rating- 3.5/5

Price- 95 INR for 200 ml

Recommendation– This is a very value for money option for those who want to try herbal hair cleanser. It cleanses oil effectively from hair so would suit oily hair well. But very dry hair stay away from it. Overall this is a good budget hair cleanser which can be used in daily basis.