Coconut oil is a wonder ingredient and you will find it being used for health, skin care, hair care and oral health. Coconut oil has found its place in the beauty shelf long ago and is used by many, thanks to its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory nature. Any treatment is best done before bedtime since you give it time to work the entire night while you rest; likewise coconut oil too is best used before bedtime to let it work its magic the entire night. Here are several ways you could use coconut oil for beauty:


Benefits: Coconut oil has been used for dry hair since ages and it works great in repairing dry hair strands and even fried ends that are a result of excessive heat treatments.

How to use: To use coconut oil for dry hair, simply heat up a little coconut oil in bowl and apply the warm oil all over your scalp and hair. Massage it for some time and wear a shower cap (keep a dedicated shower cap for this). Go to sleep and shampoo off the oil and condition as usual. Do this once every week or every time you have to wash your hair if you have severe dry and problematic hair. More on natural dry hair masks >>


Benefits: Coconut oil is said to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal which inhibits the bacteria and fungus that are responsible for dandruff and itchy scalp. Since coconut oil is moisturizing, it also treats dandruff caused by dry weather or winter.

How to use: To use coconut oil for dandruff, mix few drops of tea tree oil in 1 bowl of coconut oil after warming it a bit. Mix the oil properly and apply it on the scalp generously and also on the hair. Massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes and wear a shower cap (Keep a dedicated shower cap for this). Do this every time you wash your hair or when your hair starts feeling flaky. If you suffer from dandruff only in the dry weather, do not add any tea tree oil and simply use warm pure coconut oil. More on overnight dandruff treatments >>


Benefits: Coconut oil is said to strengthen hair follicles thereby making hair strong and long overtime. When mixed with fenugreek, the effect is double and is a full proof remedy to fight hair fall.

How to use: To use coconut oil for hair fall, simply warm 1 cup coconut oil and in it, add fenugreek water which is obtained by keeping the fenugreek seeds soaked overnight and then boiling and straining it. Mix the concoction thoroughly.  Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair and massage a bit. Wear a dedicated shower cap and go to sleep. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo the next morning. More on homemade oil recipes to stop hair fall >>


Benefits: Coconut oil has great moisturizing properties that treats your dry skin overtime and also makes it plump, soft and healthy.

How to use: Take very little coconut oil on your palms, maybe 4-5 drops or little less than ½ teaspoon if it is solid and warm it by rubbing it between your palms. Pat your cleansed and damp face with the oil and massage a bit so that it gets absorbed. Go to sleep and wake up to healthy, moisturized face. DIY aloe vera scrub for dry skin >>


Benefits: Coconut oil is has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great treatment for acne. Not only does it inhibits bacteria and fungus that cause acne, but also reduces the inflammation and redness.

How to use: To use coconut oil for acne, you can simply use it as mentioned above or add few drops of tea tree oil to it if you have severe acne problem. Follow this routine every night until you see positive results. More ways to use coconut oil for skin overnight >>


Benefits: Like I said, coconut oil has great moisturizing properties. It can effectively heal even the severe cracked heels.

How to use: To use, apply some warm coconut oil on the feet liberally and massage for few minutes. Wear dedicated socks and go to sleep. If you have severe cracked feet, you may also fill the gaps in cracks with solid coconut oil and wear socks. Do this until you see improvements. More on Ayurveda remedies for cracked feet >>


Benefits: Since coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can effectively help treat milk mouth ulcers.

How to use: Before bedtime, spot apply some pure coconut oil on the mouth ulcer. Do this every day until the ulcer heals. More on home remedies for mouth ulcers >>


Benefits: Coconut oil contains lauric acid that helps eradicate plaque causing bacteria from the teeth. It’s antibacterial properties kills the bugs that cause decay and gum disease. Besides, it helps keep your breath fresh and it is beneficial in whitening your teeth.

How to use: After brushing your teeth at night. Simply massage some coconut oil on your teeth and gums with your fingers on regular basis.