Stretch marks are caused on skin surface due to sudden stretching of skin maybe due to sudden weight gain and also because of old age as skin loses its elasticity. Here is a list of oils that can be used to reduce or remove stretch marks:


Extra Virgin Olive oil is packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants that heal a variety of skin disorders. For stretch marks, you can use this oil by heating it slightly before applying on your skin. The warm oil promotes good circulation of the blood, which will soon help reduce the appearance of the marks. There is no need to rinse the oil off since it is a great moisturizer that can keep your skin smooth and supple.


Rub warm extra virgin coconut oil into your stretch marks to reduce and prevent stretch marks. Coconut oil delays wrinkles, skin sagging and stretch marks as it provides enough moisture and nourishment that maintains skin elasticity.


Rosehip oil is widely reputed to reduce scars, minimize wrinkles and moisturize skin. It contains high levels of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids, which are believed to support skin texture, prevent discoloration and reduce wrinkles. Its healing power is what’s believed to help prevent the formation of stretch marks.


Organic Castor oil for stretch marksOrganic Castor oil is used in the treatment of a number of skin problems such as wrinkles, age spots, moles, dark spots, fine lines and pimples and also to get rid of stretch marks. Apply some castor oil to the stretch marks and gently massage the area in circular motions for 5 to 10 minutes. Wrap the area with plastic film or saran wrap and heat the area using a heating pad. Do this several times a week to fade stretch marks.

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Pure Vitamin E is one of the essential elements in the skin’s natural regeneration and maintenance system, so quite naturally this became one of the favorite products to use when stretch marks were an issue. Vitamin E oil helps prevent stretch marks from forming as they contain essential fatty acids and nutrients and they can also be used to help reverse the damage and unsightly appearance caused by these types of skin markings.


Organic Grape seed Oil is high in Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Omega 6 and 9, and Beta-Carotene. This makes it a wonderful emollient to eliminate stretch marks. Grapeseed oil can repair damaged and stressed skin tissues, especially skin that needs toning and restoration. Because of grape seed oil’s restructuring qualities, and its ability to help the skin retain its normal structure of epithelium cells and nerve cells, it can reduce the look of stretch marks.


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