Neem treatment to treat scabies

Neem is a medicinal plant and had been used in medicines since the ancient times. It strengthens the immune system and helps in dealing with skin ailments by purifying the blood. You would have heard your grandma asking you to consume a glass of neem juice for your healthy skin. It was followed by most of women in the olden days. Thus, they possessed a glowing skin.

Neem treatment to treat scabies

Scabies is a dreadful skin condition which leaves your skin infected and irritated. It is caused by mite infestation. These mites (Sarcoptes scabiei) lays their eggs underneath the skin which is the core reason behind skin irritation. The medicines have to be too effective to penetrate inside the skin and react with these mites. Scabies is a contagious disease and can spread quickly if there is any physical contact. Family members and friends must be very careful.The mites reproduce at a very faster rate, hence  the treatment should be started immediately. It is always advisable to try some natural remedies before starting any allopathy medicines. Neem had proved to cure scabies and had been used from a long time. The following is the procedure:

Treating Minor Infestations: If you are just at the beginning stage of scabies, it can be treated easily. In the initial stage, there would be itching on some areas of body. If you do not cure it, possibilities of spreading it in the entire body is higher. Take some pure neem oil in a cup and use a clean cotton ball to apply it on the infected area. You can also extract the juice of neem leaves and use it directly on the infection. Allow the oil to settle there for 20 minutes so that it penetrates inside the skin and kills the mites. The antibacterial properties of neem would kill this bacteria slowly. The itching and inflammation will also be reduced. The skin will also tend to be supple and smooth after the neem oil application. Neem has many benefits to skin, thus it will deal with overall skin issues, rather than just scabies. Repeat the entire process twice or thrice a day to get rid of scabies completely.

Treating Established Infestations: There are possibilities that we kept ignoring the skin irritation at a beginning stage, and as a result large areas are affected. This condition has to be treated from further being critical. Hot bath are best suited for this. Take a bowl of neem oil and add ? cup of liquid soap. Stir them and allow the mixture to emulsify completely. Add this mixture in your bath tub. Ensure that the water is warm enough to serve the purpose. Allow it to settle for 20  minutes in the bath tub. Take a warm shower afterwards. Apply neem lotion or neem body care properties. You can also use a neem soap or extracts from neem leaves. Pluck some fresh neem leaves and grind it coarsely, add it to the bath bucket. The benefits are same. Repeat this procedure regularly till the infestation is gone.

These are the ways neem can be used to treat scabies. However, do consult a physician if the infestation is denying to depart from you and  the itching has increased.Do share with us, if you are aware of anyother natural remedies to cure scabies. We would love to share it with our readers. Avoid going to schools or workplace as it is a contagious disease.