Naturally Cleanse, tone & moisturize for a beautiful skin

A perfect skin care routine softens, nourishes and conditions skin for a naturally glow. Cleanse, tone and moisturize, every day for healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

Exfoliate With a Washcloth for Beautiful Skin

Sweet Cleanser: Use honey on your skin to bring out the natural glow. Washing your face with honey not only keeps your skin for a soft and smooth but also helps to kill bacteria that causes acne for a blemish free skin.
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Exfoliate: Use baking soda as a natural alternative to exfoliate for soft, smooth skin. Mix a little baking soda with water and use it gently slough off dead skin.
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Tea Toner: Use chamomile or green tea as a toner. Mix equal amount of tea along with apple cider vinegar to tone the skin. The natural tea toner will help to deep clean pores and tighten it.
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Oil: Use olive, avocado, coconut or vitamin e oil for a moisturizer, apply a small amount on its own or mix a drop of it in your moisturizer and massage it into the skin for a radiant glow all day long.

The cleanser removes the dirt and grime from all the pores, the toner tightens the skin and the moisturizer helps to remove the dryness making your skin feel soft and smooth.