Natural Winter Skin Care Tips

The cold winter season can be brutal on your skin,it can make your skin look dry, dull and lack luster, so to get back the glow on your face try these simple natural beauty tips:


For a tbsp of tomato juice add a couple of drops of lemon juice and apply it to your entire face, leave it on for 10 mins and rinse off to reveal bright skin.

One of the quickest way to brighten up dull skin is to exfoliate. Mix honey with coffee ground to slough off dry,dead skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Mix brown sugar with  olive oil and use it as a body scrub.

Winter moisturizer:
Massage your face with creams or oil to increase blood circulation and keep the skin moisturized Massage warm extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil into your skin to restore and rejuvenate damaged skin giving it a healthy and a subtle glow.

Looking to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized through out the day?? Then try adding oils to your skin. Add a  drop or two of your favorite oil such as pure coconut oil or vitamin e oil to your daily moisturizer and apply it all over your face as well as your body. The oil will penetrate deep into the skin keeping it moist, warm and healthy.