Natural ways to get rid of pimples overnight

Acne is something which is always welcomed with a great frown on your face. Once it is in the verge of popping out, you have no chance to kill it until it dies off itself. It takes a minimum of three days to disappear and none can wait so long and live with acnes. Suppose you have a big day coming next then it’s impossible to live with acne. Making them disappear overnight has no chance but yes there are some easy tips which reduce the acne size overnight. Some natural products which always reside in your kitchen help to shrink; reducing irritations of acne and make them appear dull drastically.

Overnight pimple remedy with Ice cubes:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnight - ice cubeRub an ice cube over the pimple until your skin feels numb. Remove the ice cubes till your skin warms up then continue again with the ice cubes. This is a proven home remedy with surest results reducing acne and it disturbances immediately. The ice cubes shrinks the acne and pores constricting the blood vessels. It reduces redness and also the acne pain. Your fingers may hurt when holding ice cubes for long, if you find it too difficult you can even wrap ice cube in a thin cloth and roll them to skin. Best ways to use ice cube in your beauty routine >>

Overnight pimple remedy with Cloves and cinnamon:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnightCrush some cloves to powder and mix it along with milk. Apply the paste over the acne overnight. The spice is an excellent antibacterial which kills germs causing acne. The spice when eaten is hot and also has same effect over the skin. Add more of milk to cool down the burning. Cinnamon too can be used in a similar way for treating acne and reducing its size. READ MORE  – CINNAMON HAIR OIL FOR FASTER HAIR GROWTH

Overnight acne remedy with Egg white:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnight with home remediesEgg white is known for drying of pimples which kills them faster overnight. Apply a small amount of egg white to the acne spot or area and wash out using warm water the next morning. With the vitamins and amino acid present in egg whites, all you need is to whisk them to kill pimples and rebuild your skin cells.

Overnight acne remedy with Mint leaves:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnight - mint

Prepare a concentrated solution of mint leaves by boiling them in water. Apply the herbal solution to acne along with clean cotton overnight. You can even squeeze the leaves directly over the acne which has the same effects. Mint leaves with antiseptic properties are effective in treating acne.

Overnight acne remedy with Ginger paste:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnightGrate ginger and squeeze the juice. Apply the diluted ginger juice over the acne. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger reduces acne size and its occurrence when used regularly.

Overnight acne remedy with Lemon juice:

Natural ways to get rid of pimple overnight - ice cubeThe acidic lemon juice with high contents of vitamin c works well on killing acne germs and reduce the size when over applied for long hours. Squeeze lemon juice in a clean container and apply drops over the pimples repeatedly for 4 to 5 hours without allowing it to dry. Again add a droplet and leave it overnight. You will find the diminished size and redness of acne at the day. Mind it lemon juice burns terribly and not recommended for the sensitive skin. Make a lemon toner for brighter and acne free skin >>

Overnight pimple remedy with Honey:

Overnight pimple remedy with Honey:Natural probiotic and antibacterial properties of raw honey effectively reduce breakouts and prevent new acne formation. Read More >>

The above are the natural ways to reduce acne size overnight. The other effective methods are the baking soda, aspirin tablets and vinegar.


  • Whenever you apply any of these acne reduction ingredients, keep in mind to apply over clean dirt free skin.
  • Patch test is always a better choice before usage.
  • Keep away from eye contact as all the remedies are strong and powerful.

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