Natural Summer Mask for Your Hair

Natural Summer Mask for Your Hair

Summer is a tough time for our hair as the sun can damage them in many ways. Summer makes our hair frizzy, dehydrated and life-less. Doesn’t matter how much you cover your hair with scarf, hats or other hair accessories, the sun and the dry wind will damage your hair plus scalp.

It’s important to show some extra love to your hair during the months of summers as the weather is harsh. No, we are not asking you to visit salon multiple times and waste your money but to just take some time out to make much an even effective mask than the one you get in salons by using natural ingredients easily available in your kitchen. Yes, you can combine kitchen stuff and can make your ideal hair mask. Here is a natural summer hair mask recipe:

Natural Summer Mask for Your Hair


Olive oil- Olive oil repairs sun damage, frizz and deeply conditions hair. It also nourishes scalp and hair strands and forms a film over your hair that protects it from further damage on sun exposure and keeps it soft.

Honey- Honey is a natural humectant that hydrates hair and keeps it healthy and soft.


Things you need-

  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons honey


  • In a bowl, add olive oil and honey. Increase the quantity depending on your hair length and volume.
  • Mix it well and apply on scalp and hair generously.
  • Wear a shower cap to avoid dripping and messing up your clothes.
  • Use a shampoo after 2 hours.
  • Use the mask twice a week to maintain the health of your hair.

This hair mask will moisturize your frizzy hair and scalp. Honey and olive oil both are hydrating ingredients and thus this mask deep conditions your hair. You can use this mixture once a week to treat your sun-damaged hairs.

Natural Summer Mask for Your Hair