If you are just like any other person spending time in a most busy routine, that you hardly clip your extra nails and obviously forget about manicure. Discoloration of nails is usually when the nails are pale yellow in color which further may contract fungus over them. However, discoloration of nails may be due to unhygienic condition of nails or mainly because of nail paints.

NATURAL REMEDIES TO TREAT NAIL DISCOLORATIONSo, there are various treatments which help to scale out the yellow nails and rebuilt the white and brighter nails. Keeping in mind about this minute problem which can grow if ignored, we brought you a post to treat the discoloration of nails effectively at home.

  1. Lemon

Using lemon over yellow and discolored nails helps to scale out the yellow stains on them and also helps to keep the nails brighter and whiter. All you can do is, cut the lemon is two slices and then rub over nails for next 10 minutes.

  1. Whitening solution

One among the most efficient whitening solution is using baking powder over nails. You can flake some baking powder over lemons and then rub on nails to get amazing effects. If not lemon, you can simple dissolve some baking powder in Luke warm water and then sock for few minutes.

  1. Toothpaste

Using toothpaste over discolored nails is one of the most efficient and unique uses. Take some tooth paste and rub it on nails for 10 minutes. Make sure the bristles of toothbrush are not too hard; this may hurt the nails too. If you have brittle nails, avoid using toothbrush over them.

  1. vinegar

Vinegar certainly deserves to be in the list. Vinegar can effectively help to remove the yellow layer over nails and help them to grow stronger too. Take a bowl of Luke warm water and add two spoons of vinegar to it. Now soak hands for about 20 minutes and repeat daily for effective use.

  1. Mouthwash

Did you know mouth wash can help to treat your discolored nails at home? Yes, due to strong astringent and anti bacterial properties, it helps to treat this issue effectively. Take 4 lids of mouthwash and mix with water. Now insert the nails and soak it for next 15 minutes.

  1. Vicks

Although, you may use Vicks for cold and cough but they can help to treat discolored nails too.

Rub some Vicks or vapor rub over nails and massage for 5 minutes. Due to strong smell it may irritate you, if at all you are allergic to such type of strong smell.

  1. Onion peels

You can rub onion peels over discolored nails to curb the entire allergy and also make them grow stronger. Rubbing onion peels for over a month, can help to treat the discolored nails permanently and also avoid for any fungal infections over them.