Natural Remedies To Get Shiny Nails

How well you get dressed up for any occasion but if your nails are not done then the entire appearance goes waste. Maintaining long nails are quiet difficult for the ladies who are more into house works as they expose their hands more into water, while cleaning and the nails tends to break off.

If you have  a sensitive nails just soak your hands in a bowl of olive oil this helps to strengthen your nails and also adds extra shine. Check out some other methods to get a natural shine to your nails and turn yourself complete for any occasion.

Natural Remedies To Get Shiny Nails

Lemon Manicure for shiny nails: Manicure is very important, due to dirt build up in nails it appears yellowish and dirty to look too. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and helps to remove off the stain and adds shine naturally. Take a bowl with one tablespoon of lemon juice and dip your nails in it. Now add 1/2 tablespoon of vinegar and warm water into it and soak your nails once again in it. With the help of nail brush clean your nails. Doing this procedure helps to get rid of build up dirt and gives a shine to your nail.

Avocado for shiny nails: Avocado is rich in fat, nutrients and proteins as the result it will help to restore the brittle nails and make them shiny. If your nails are being dry then avocado is the best option for your nails to get those shine back on it. Include avocado in your regular meals as it is very beneficial due to its rich content of minerals and proteins.  You can apply the paste of avocado directly on the nails or can apply the avocado oil, as it has anti oxidants, vitamin A, Beta carotene, potassium that’s helps to turn your nail healthier and shiny.

Fish Oil for shiny Nails: Apply this or intake in your diet as this is filled with rich amount of essential nutrients, healthy fats and fat soluble vitamins. Using  fish oil prevents dry and brittle nails and the Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil reduces inflammation in the nail bed and nourish the cells that give rise to the nail plate.

Butter for shinny Nails: Now here you cannot apply intake of butter for shinny nails as daily intake of butter is not a great idea when is considered at the healthy life style mantra. The butter has a rich content of fat, massaging your nails with butter keeps your nail moisturized and shinny. Massage your nails thrice in a week with butter and you will just fall in love with your shinny nails.

Coconut for shinny Nails: Coconut is a natural moisturizer and it is a complete care package when it come to beauty side. Coconut oil is rich in healthy fatty acid, caprylic acid, lauric acid and vitamin E.  Coconut oil softens cuticles, moisturizes hands and prevents hangnails. In fact, coconut oil not only makes your nails healthy and shiny but also fights off nail and cuticle infections.

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