DIY Natural body butter to get rid of Stretch Marks

DIY Natural body butter to get rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch mark is one problem that every women sufferers from, belonging to every age group. Sudden weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal changes, obesity, depression, body building, side effects of contraceptives etc. are few reasons of stretch marks. As the name says, stretch marks means stretching of skin and most women suffer from it during pregnancy for obvious reasons.

DIY Natural body butter to get rid of Stretch Marks

Everything has its own limit and so has our skin. When you stretch your body out of its limit you get red, purple and pink lines. Yes, these lines are stretch marks. Initially they are of certain color and if not cured properly they become silvery white in color. Basically, this is a very common seen in women and if you are looking for cures and treatment to get rid of stretch mark then we are here to help you out. Use the below DIY body butter tolighten stretch marks-

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Shea butter- Shea butter has great skin softening and moisturizing properties. It increases skin elasticity and helps lighten stretch marks.

Cocoa butter- Cocoa butter has skin nourishing and moisturizing properties. It softens skin and helps repair skin damage and stretch marks. It also increases skin elasticity.

Vitamin E oil- Vitamin E oil has anti-stretch mark effects that help prevent and heal stretch marks. It also works as a preservative in the recipe.


Things you need-

3 tablespoon shea butter

3 tablespoon cocoa butter

1 tablespoon vitamin E oil

DIY Natural body butter to get rid of Stretch MarksDirections-

Take 3 tbsp of melted shea butter and 3 tbsp of cocoa butter in a bowl. Add in one tbsp of vitamin E oil in the mixture. You can also use vitamin E tablet. Mix the cream well or whip it and store it in an air-tight container.

Apply this cream regularly on your stretch marks twice a day. Cocoa butter and Vitamin E penetrates deep into the skin, repair it and remove stretch mark.

Caution – patch test before use.

DIY body butter for Stretch Marks