Healing Foods That Fight Pain Naturally

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Do you suffer from pain so often? It may be a knee pain or elbow pain or back ache, what do you do when it happens? Going to medical store getting a pain killer is simple but does it really cure the pain from the roots? No. In fact, taking pain killers often may cause side effects. What we usually don’t do is curing this pain with food. Yes, we can do this naturally. Here are few food items which give relief from pain.

Healing Foods That Fight Pain Naturally

Say goodbye to pain

1. Ginger:

Ginger is originally used as spicy root in dishes but many people may not even know its medicinal value. Basically it is a stomach soother, helps relieving you from nausea and seasickness. It is a natural aspirin impersonator and anti-inflammatory. It gives relief from migraines, arthritis pain, and muscle aches. Add it directly to dishes, and juices. Make ginger tea by placing sliced, peeled ginger in boiling water and letting it steep for 15 minutes.

2. Cherries:

Plenty of antioxidants called anthocyanins (phytonutrients) give cherries the rich ruby hue and these anthocyanins are the key to cherries’ pain-fighting power. These anthocyanins protect us against arthritis pain also. Using cherries daily i.e. 45 Bing cherries a day for 28 days reduce inflammation. In an agricultural departmental research conducted in U.S it has proved. They block inflammation by inhibiting pain enzymes, acts like aspirin, naproxen, and other anti-inflammatories. One study conducted by journal Nutrition showed that people observed relief in their inflammation by 25% when they ate a bowl of cherries for breakfast. In another research it was showed that runners who drank 12 ounces of tart cherry juice twice daily for a week days before a long run found less muscle pain. Pain-calming anthocyanins are also found in raspberries and blackberries.

3. Cranberry Juice:

Stomach or small intestine inner lining when damaged by the pathogen called H. Pylori, ulcers may be formed. And only antibiotics are the usual cure to get rid of the problem. Drinking cranberry juice protects stomach’s inner lining, thanks to its ability to block H. Pylori from adhering to stomach lining. On one study it was revealed that a cup of cranberry juice a day for 3 weeks gives relief from H. Pylori in almost 20% of cases that too without any medication. But only advice to keep in mind is to add some water or a natural sweetener such as stevia to reduce its bitterness. Do not add sugar to taste since it might cause inflammation.

4. Salmon:

Salmon, Sardines, Herring Fishes that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury are always advisable for back pains. When the disks lose their source of oxygen and other crucial nutrients means they begin to degenerate. Omega-3 helps blood flow and tamping down inflammation in blood vessels and nerves. Taking daily fish oil is beneficial for cardiovascular protection and mood elevation. It is also helpful in brain shrinkage.

5. Yogurt:

When the yogurt is cultured properly with live and active cultures anonymous results can be seen. Remember not every probiotic yogurt may have the good properties in them so choose wisely.

6. Turmeric:

Recent Thai study found that the most common spice that is used in Indian curries fights against rheumatoid arthritis just like ibuprofen. That is none other than turmeric. Turmeric also inhibits the destruction of joints from arthritis. It has been used for many years in ayurvedic medicine to relieve pain and induces digestion. Reason behind its anti-inflammatory property is its substance called cur cumin. It will protect us from tissue destruction, joint inflammation and preserve good nerve cell function. It also inhibits a protein called NF-kB. This protein activates the body’s anti-inflammatory response, leading to achy joints in arthritis. You can sprinkle turmeric on your salad, soups or make the miracle turmeric milk.

So every time instead of going for emergency medication to reduce inflammation or body pains, opt for these nutrient enriched foods which may occupy your medical kit in a decent manner. Why not try them whenever you need them?

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