The onion, like all members of the allium family, is rich in sulphur. That sulphur content can lend the onion antibiotic and antiseptic qualities that are often put to good use by the naturopath or home remedy practitioner for both internal and external use. Who would have thought that this smelly bulb, that makes your eyes water and your hands pong, could contain substances which can be used for a horde of homemade remedies?

9 BEST NATURAL CURES USING ONIONHere are the best home remedies using onion:


When you are getting stuffy, congested, have allergies kicking you around, or think you have the early warning signs of a sinus infection- reach for an onion, first. Chop up an onion, put it into a bowl, put your head over the bowl and inhale the vapours from the onion. Yes, it is that simple!


Onions can be used to remove any foreign object from your eye. Chop a raw onion quickly. Don’t turn your face away from the onion, then let your naturally produced tears do the rest.


Quercetin found in onions is a natural anti-inflammatory and gives relief to the itching. Quercetin can destroy and inhibit various bacteria and fungi because of its anti-bacterial action. Grate a raw onion, strain the juice and then rub this juice into the affected area to reduce itching.   This should be done morning, noon and at night.

The onion has very good absorption qualities, which will help draw the bad stuff from the sore or boil, and the anti-inflammatory properties will help with any inflammation of the infected area. Heat up some milk and pour onto a thick slice of bread, grate an onion and mix with the milk and bread, mix into a paste and place on the infected sore or boil.


Extract the juice from onions. Apply it on your scalp, massaging the roots thoroughly. Cover your hair with a shower cap for about 2 hours. Shampoo your hair and rinse with lukewarm water.


Onion juice is effective in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. The sulfur in onions helps promote blood circulation to the scalp that is necessary for new hair growth. Learn how to make a hair treatment using onion for hair and eyebrow growth>>


Onions can help loosen chest congestion. Cut an onion into thick slices, and warm slightly.  Lay the warmed slices down in the centre of a tea towel or large bandanna. Cover with a plastic bag, and fold the corners up over so you have a pack. Lay the pack, onion side down onto the person’s bare chest or back, and cover with a rather warm hot water bottle or warmed rice pack. Leave on for about 30 minutes, or as long as the patient is comfortable.

9 BEST NATURAL CURES USING ONIONONION COUGH SYRUP –  This ancient remedy is still one of the most effective and speedy cough treatments.  This will make you about a cup of natural cough syrup that’s completely safe for children. Use a spoonful as needed to control your cough.

  • 1 cup freshly chopped onion
  • About ½ cup raw honey

Slice the onions and place them in the saucepan over low heat, then add honey just to cover the onions. Give it a quick stir every few minutes and leave it on over very low heat for 20 mins. Bottle the syrup and keep refrigerated.


Chop up an onion, put it into a bowl, put your head over the bowl and inhale the vapors from the onion or try simmering a sliced onion in a saucepan with two cups of water and inhale the steam that comes off of the saucepan as it simmers to clear up sinuses. Be careful not to be too close to the pan while inhaling the steam.


Onions can also relieve mosquito bites. All you need to do is grate some onion and apply it on the bite. Let it sit for 5 minutes and wash off with gentle scrubbing. Similar method can be used for bee sting. Got bitten by a honeybee? Apply onion juice on the area for immediate relief from the pain and burning sensation.