Natural Cleansers For Oily And Sensitive Skin


Oily skin is the most problematic skin type, no chemical based cleanser really suits it. So I am going to tell you some very simple homemade cleansers that can be made for this skin.


OATS: Oats are the easiest cleanser for our skin. All you need to do is buy them (remember to buy unflavored one). Grind them into a very fine powder. Take a tablespoon in a container and add a little rose water or plain water to it. You can also add honey. Dip your 2nd , 3rd and 4th finger in it and lightly massage it on your face. Rinse it first with Luke warm water and then a few splashes of cold water. And you are good to go.

MULTANI MITTI(FULLERS EARTH): take a little piece and rub on a stone. Apply on your face and rinse within 3 to 4 minutes. Apply a light moisturizer like aloe Vera gel. If you have it in powdered form let it soak in water for half an hour and then apply. Don’t rub it on your face.

RAW MILK: Raw milk is the best cleanser for sensitive skin especially during winters. Dip a cotton ball in raw milk and swipe your face with it. If you have a small cotton cloth than dip the cloth in raw milk in it and spread it on your face. Keep it like that for as long as you like. Wash with Luke warm water and then with a few splashes of cold water.

ROSE WATER: This is the best cleanser for skin especially during summers. Buy a good quality rose water; or make it at home with these easy instructions. You can also add a few tulsi leaves if you want. With this water add a little sandal wood powder( I personally prefer the wooden piece that is rubbed on a stone) and a little multani mitti. Apply on face for 5 minutes and rinse.

BARLEY FLOUR: Barley flour is the best cleanser for sensitive skin I have ever come across. It is very cooling for Pitta skin and can be used on skin which has rashes acne or is inflamed. But you have to process it before using. Take barley flour and refine it more with a cloth( a cheese cloth which has very thin pores). The refined flour will be very soft like baby powder. you can literally feel its softness when you take it between your fingers. Make this powder and store it. Use this cleanser by mixing it with rose water in summers and with raw milk in winters. U can even massage your face with this if you don’t have acne.