Natural Beauty remedies for Shiny Hair

Hair mask helps to deep-condition your hair to keep it soft and smooth, so once or twice a month treat your hair to a conditioning and moisturizing mask that are mentioned below for healthy hair:

natural haircare

  1. Frizz Free: Olive oil and honey mix it all together, leave it on for 20mins and rinse off. Olive oil helps to treat dry and frizzy hair adding moisture to it.
  2. Shiny Hair: Mix coconut milk and olive oil together and apply it to your strands, leave it on for 20mins before you rinse off. You can leave this mask on overnight for extra conditioning.
    Hair steam treatment
  3. Egg Conditioner: Whisk coconut oil and egg whites together and smooth it on your hair strand, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the mask on 30mins.
  4. Overnight Oiling: Apply olive or coconut oil to the roots and strands of your hair and sleep on it.
    Overnight Hair

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