Having an expensive concealer or a foundation bottle just is not enough, for its proper application you should have the perfect brush to be used. Earlier it was only the paint brushes in difference shapes and sizes available in the market, but now makeup has felt the use of makeup brushes and we cannot avoid them to include in our vanity. There are different makeup brushes available to serve different purpose and uses on face. Let’s know in detail about the various makeup brushes that every crazy girl should have

MUST HAVE MAKEUP BRUSHES FOR EVERY GIRLConcealer brush As it says it is a concealer brush, it helps to hide the flaws and darker areas of the skin making it look clean and gorgeous. Concealer brush has a thin pointed synthetic hair which makes it easy to concealer the hard to reach areas of the face easily.

Lip Brush Well, did you know about any such brush? Lip brush is made out of thin natural hair which is used to apply the lipstick well. The hair of the brush is quite pointed which makes a good lip line and excellent coverage to the lips.

Blush Brush Blush brush is a good volumised brush which makes it easy to apply bronze all over your face. Though the hair is large in number, it serves your skin well and covers each and every part of it. It is a bevelled cut makeup brush which gives the final touch to the skin and also spreads loose powder evenly on the face.

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Powder Brush The natural hair in the powder brush makes it a user friendly. Powder brush is especially used to spread powder equally and evenly on face. The natural hairs of the brush make it easy to do and also help to fill the open pores or marks on face.

Angled eye brush This is particularly made for serving the eye area. Angled eye brush is made out of synthetic hair and is pointed, which makes it easy to apply cream in under eye area or surrounding parts. Angled eye brush can also be used as lip brush sometime, but before doing that make sure the brush is washed properly

Dual ended brush This single brush served two purposes for a girl, one is grooming your eyebrow by giving the perfect shape and other spoolie is given to brush the eyebrow properly. The dual ended brush makes your eye brow look thick and do not even leave any gap that can be visible.

Cheek highlighting brush The cheek highlighting brush is made of natural hair and it serves the cheek area well. The brush helps to define the check bones in a perfect way and also blends the foundation with the skin in a smooth way.

Bend Liner Brush This is a profession brush which may of the makeup artist use to apply the wet eyeliner on the eyes. The bend liner brush is made of artificial hair which is pointed and hard even, due to theses quality it becomes easy to apply the liner on your inner rim of eye and also above.


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