Multitasking with cosmetic products is absolutely no harm infact they are boon at emergency times, when you are actually running out of any specific product. It would help to cut down your unnecessary money spending on cosmetics too. Here I brought how to multi task with foundation and I hope everyone us have a foundation at home, you would be happy converting them into concealers, Bb creams and many more. Multi-tasking is great for busy women who cannot dedicate much time for makeup and also they save few bucks of money! So, why not try to multi task with things.


  1. Moisturiser for a face

You can simply scratch some loose foundation from your foundation cake, and then add a spurt to your favourite moisturize. Apply it to your skin like the moisturising lotion. This gives a good coverage over skin which makes your skin look radiant and fresh as always. You may also mix it well and store them in fridge, which can be used for next few days.

  1. BB cream for radiant skin

The world went gaga over BB creams when Lakme introduced it to the beauty regime. You can even make your BB cream’s at home. Mix some loose foundation with moisturiser, sunscreen and a primer. It works more over like a BB cream which makes your face look beautiful and concealed properly.

  1. Face Primer as a perfect base

Face primer is actually very important before you start applying any makeup. It forms a base to the skin which makes your makeup last longer and does not come in contact with skin completely. You may mix some lacto calamine to foundation and then apply to the face. This works as a face primer and best for busy ladies who can’t dedicate much time to makeup.

  1. Lip Primer for perfect pigmented lips

Apply little of Foundation to your skin and then dab some compact over it, it helps to conceal the lips properly and also helps the lipstick to stay longer. It works every well as pigmented lips and you would love the colour of the lipsticks popping out. Lip primer helps to give a good coverage to the lipstick and is the easiest way to make your lips look fuller too.

  1. Concealers to even tone skin.

There is a hard time for girls who have to depend on concealers to cover the darker sides of the face. Concealers are different from foundation, foundation just form a base over skin and concealers are used to concealer the darker areas on the faces, so that your skin looks even toned and out of blemishes. Keep some foundation in fridge and remember to store it in an air tight container. Wait for few days patiently till your concealers if getting ready. After 4 days, you will find your foundation has become thick and this can be used as a concealer on face. This will help you to hide the blemishes and dark spots on the face making your skin look radiant and beautiful.