The latest beauty craze is all about multi-masking for attention-grabbing skin on and off Instagram! Most of us have combination skin. Our T-zone needs deep pore cleaning, our under-eyes need instant oxygen and our cheeks need brightening or energizing! Or your chin could be chronically dry but your forehead is oily and tends to break out. There are endless combinations! Which is why multi-masking is so genius! Read on to know about it!


Multi-masking, for those who haven’t heard of it yet, is when multiple masks are used simultaneously on different zones of the face to address concerns for those specific areas. That’s because the skin on different areas of your face is obviously not all the same. The forehead, nose and chin have the highest concentration of oil glands, while the outer corners of the eyes have the least and are in fact the thinnest areas of skin on the body; so applying just one mask all over doesn’t really cut it.



Use your preferred face wash to cleanse your skin. Pat dry with a clean towel.


Dead skin cell build-up can block penetration. On a freshly exfoliated surface, more of the beneficial ingredients in your masks can get to where they need to go. Exfoliate your face using a milk scrub for 2-3 minutes and wash off. Pat dry gently with no scrubbing.


You may steam your face for 5-10 minutes (although this is optional). Steaming is a popular component of most professional facials. It helps to warm and soften your skin, making it more receptive to masking.


For multi masking, you need more than 1 type of face mask depending on your skin types and variations. If you are using any type of purifying, detoxifying, balancing or pore-tightening mask it will often have drying ingredients such as clay, mud or charcoal and then apply that to the target areas first. Usually, you want this type of mask to go on your forehead, nose and chin, which are the areas most prone to increased oil production, enlarged pores, blackheads, whiteheads and acne. You may then apply moisturizing mask on the cheeks etc. You could also use eye and lip patches. Experiment for the right combinations!


Completely remove the mask from your skin with water after 15-20 minutes.

You’re done!


We all face different skin problems depending on the weather and time of the year. The face usually behaves weird in different areas and definitely needs specific treatments! Depending on the time of year and even the time of month, skin can have areas of increased oil production, acne or tightness/dryness. Heck, some of us might even be blessed with all those issues at once! Multi-masking is also suitable for normal skin that might just need a boost. There are masks out there that will help skin look brighter and more luminous, and also work on pigmentation for a more even tone.


Sensitive skin needs to be extra cautious before multi masking. Any time you are using multiple products on your face; there is a greater chance of causing irritation. If you have sensitive skin and want to try multi-masking, make sure to choose gentle products and test each mask on its own first. There are tons of natural face mask recipes for specific skin problems and they make a really good option for sensitive skin beauties!

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